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New Android apps worth downloading: MIXTRAX, Toothsavers Brushing Game, Dungeon Keeper

by Phil Hornshaw

Turn your Android device into a DJ that makes endless mixes of your songs with today's first app worth downloading, MIXTRAX. It automatically looks through your music and arrnages mixes of songs that go well together. We've also got Toothsavers Brushing Game, an entertaining way to teach kids about brushing their teeth, and Dungeon Keeper, a game in which players create dungeons filled with traps and minions, and also raid other players' and fight through their creatures and hazards.

MIXTRAX ($1.99)

MIXTRAXWhat’s it about? Automatically turn your Android device's song library into a series of non-stop DJ mixes with MIXTRAX.

What’s cool? MIXTRAX is like having your very own DJ inside your Android device. The app scans your device for all the songs you have stored on it, then decides which ones go best together and in what order. The result is a playlist that's meant to flow like a DJ set, based on different themes and characteristics like tempo. MIXTRAX can create things like non-stop track mixes, or create a new mix based on any single song quickly and easily. You can also use the app to “smart shuffle” your songs, which puts songs that flow well together in your playlist, and MIXTRAX will also rework the playlists you've already created into non-stop mixes as well.

Who’s it for? Music fans looking for a new way to listen to their songs that's more like hanging at a club than skipping around on an MP3 player should check out MIXTRAX.

What’s it like? Get more mixing from Mix DJ and try out some radio stations based on what you like with Pandora Internet Radio.

Toothsavers Brushing Game (Free)

Toothsavers Brushing GameWhat’s it about? Toothsavers Brushing Game is a fun way to teach kids about the importance of brushing, with fun characters to help with their teeth and unlockable brushes that can be earned over time.

What’s cool? The idea behind Toothsavers, a game from the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives, is to help kids learn the habit of brushing their teeth by making a game out of the process. Players have to help 10 different characters, ranging from princesses to monsters, with their brushing by using touch controls to help them clean all kinds of weird stuff off their teeth. Players are awarded up to three stars for brushing well, and the game lets players earn new characters and brushes based on whether they put in two minutes twice a day into the game.

Who’s it for? Toothsavers is geared at kids who are learning the importance of brushing, and at parents who could use a helpful tool in teaching them.

What’s it like? For another app that encourages healthy brushing habits, check out Brushing Time.

Dungeon Keeper (Free)

Dungeon KeeperWhat’s it about? Construct a dungeon full of traps and minions to fight off enemies, and raid the dungeons of other players, in Dungeon Keeper.

What’s cool? Video game players have spent many an hour raiding the dungeons of evil creatures for their loot, but Dungeon Keeper reverses that role (for a bit), and has players construct dungeon mazes full of hazards to stop would-be invaders. Your 3-D dungeons can be lined with traps and filled with minions who will fight for you, and you'll also need to head to other players' dungeons to thwart their traps and steal their loot. Dungeon Keeper also lets players form guilds and join forces, so you'll get to amp-up your evilness alongside your friends.

Who’s it for? Players who like trying the evil side of the coin and devising well-made, trap-filled dungeons will want to snag Dungeon Keeper.

What’s it like? More dungeon-making goodness (or evilness) is available in Lair Defense: Dungeon, and you can fight your way through other evil dungeons in bit Dungeon.