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New Android apps worth downloading: Super Bowl XLVIII Game Program, Order & Chaos Online update, Grandpa and the Zombies

by Phil Hornshaw

Gear up for the year's biggest football game with Super Bowl XLVIII Game Program, our first app worth downloading today. It brings you the official program of the game, along with interactive elements, video highlights from the season, and more. We've also got some games to keep you busy until The Game is on. First is Order & Chaos Online, the huge massively multiplayer online role-playing game that just got another big content update. Second is Grandpa and the Zombies, a puzzler in which players have to guide Grandpa through a maze-like hospital as he tries to use his wheelchair to escape the undead.

Super Bowl XLVIII Game Program ($2.99)

Super Bowl XLVIII Game ProgramWhat’s it about? NFL fans can grab a digital version of the big game's in-stadium program on their Android devices with Super Bowl XLVIII Game Program.

What’s cool? The Super Bowl is drawing near, and with it comes the excitement of just about every sports fan in the nation. Those looking for a little something to delve into the game beforehand can check out Super Bowl XLVIII Game Program, an interactive version of the print program that's associated with the game. It includes all 288 pages of the print version of the commemorative program that's full of information about the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, and includes interactive elements video highlights from both teams' seasons. You'll also get bonus material like music from the NFL Film archive and updates to the app post-game that will add photos from the Super Bowl.

Who’s it for? If you're a big football fan, Super Bowl XLVIII Game Program offers a few extra bits for the big game you can't get in the print version of the program.

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Order & Chaos Online update ($6.99)

Order & Chaos OnlineWhat’s it about? Massively multiplayer online game Order & Chaos Online continues to expand with its latest update, drawing players on more quests to fight more vicious enemies.

What’s cool? Order & Chaos draws a lot of its inspiration from other big MMO role-playing games, like World of Warcraft, and offers players a huge and deep world to explore and fight their way through. Teaming up with other players, you can build and customize a character, choosing from five different races and various different character classes. The game includes more than 1,200 quests for players to perform as they explore the world, and you can also join guilds and groups to fight through the toughest enemies, or compete in multiplayer fights. The latest update to Order & Chaos Online adds two new high-level dungeons for experience players, as well as new mounts for players to earn and some special holiday themed decorations for Chinese New Year.

Who’s it for? Players who like huge open worlds and role-playing elements will find themselves getting lost in Order & Chaos Online, especially if they play with friends.

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Grandpa and the Zombies ($0.99)

Grandpa and the ZombiesWhat’s it about? Top-down puzzler Grandpa and the Zombies tasks players with helping Grandpa, who finds himself in a wheelchair after breaking his leg, escape from a hospital full of zombies.

What’s cool? Grandpa needs to escape another horde of zombies, and that's where players come into the situation in Grandpa and the Zombies. Armed with only the ability to speed around in his wheelchair, players have to guide Grandpa out of a maze of 90 different hospital floors. Each level is set up like a grid, and Grandpa can only roll in straight lines in a single direction, so you'll need to strategically move him around each stage using walls to stop his progress. The twist is, the zombies move too, so you'll have to be careful not to send Grandpa careening into the undead as you try to snag candy and get him into the safety of a waiting elevator.

Who’s it for? Fans of puzzle games that also include zombies should check out Grandpa and the Zombies.

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