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New Android apps worth downloading: Sochi 2014 WOW, Twitter update, Atomic Fusion

by Phil Hornshaw

Gear up for the Winter Olympic Games and keep up with every event using Sochi 2014 WOW, our first app worth downloading today. It brings stats from all the events, as well as information about how they're all played and chances to connect with other users interested in the Games. We've also got an update to Twitter, the social network that focuses on sharing and super-short updates. Wrapping things up is Atomic Fusion, an arcade game in which players guide a molecule around the screen, collecting energy to power it up while dodging unwanted elements.

Sochi 2014 WOW (Free)

Sochi 2014 WOWWhat’s it about? Keep up to speed with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games as they happen with Sochi 2014 WOW, an app that's constantly updated with Winter Games info.

What’s cool? Sochi 2014 WOW is a simple, clean app for keeping up with scores, medal info and events from the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The app is updated throughout the course of the Olympics with the latest stats and information, allowing you to easily keep track of how events are shaping up, which country is taking down the most medals, and more. Sochi 2014 WOW also provides users with brief rundowns of events and how they're played, and lets you connect with other users and share results across social networks.

Who’s it for? Fans of the Winter Olympics who want a no-nonsense way to keep up with events and other Olympics info should try Sochi 2014 WOW.

What’s it like? Get more Olympics info from Sochi 2014 Winter Games and Sochi 2014 Live.

Twitter update (Free)

TwitterWhat’s it about? Keep your social updates short with Twitter, a social networking app for sharing bursts of activity in 140 characters or less, as well as links, images and videos.

What’s cool? By now you probably have an idea of Twitter is if you're not an avid user – it's a social network that distills some of the most useful elements, like seeing what other people are up to or sharing videos and images, and focuses on speed of delivery. Updates are kept short, 140 characters or less, to allow users to get little bursts of activity from lots of sources. Twitter's Android app makes it possible to share items like photos, videos and links, and also has all the capabilities of the web app, like responding to tweets, sending direct messages, and favoriting updates, as well as full profile control. The latest update to the app enhances its photo-sharing capabilities, making it easier to mention other users when sharing photos and improving things like photo cropping and rotation.

Who’s it for? If you're an avid user of Twitter or just want to get in on the popular social network, Twitter for Android is a great way to stay connected.

What’s it like? Some useful alternate Twitter clients include Carbon and TweetCaster.

Atomic Fusion (Free)

Atomic FusionWhat’s it about? Arcade title Atomic Fusion challenges players to move single molecules of chemical elements around the screen with a thumb, grabbing energy and electrons to power them up and create new elements.

What’s cool? Atomic Fusion is a fast-action arcade game where your goal is to grab energy. You control a molecule, and on screen are rings of either positive or negative energy; in order to power up your molecule and fuse it into a new element, you'll need to collect those rings by tapping to switch your molecule to the matching polarity. The more energy you grab, the larger your atomic number, allowing you to start with Hydrogen and quickly climb the Periodic Table, creating more and more complex elements. Grabbing the wrong ring will drop your molecule's power, however, and losing all your energy will destroy you. Atomic Fusion offers its first 10 elements for free and more can be grabbed through in-app purchase, and you can also take on other players to see who is the better thumb-powered physicist.

Who’s it for? Players who like fast-action arcade games that are about quick reactions and dodges should try Atomic Fusion.

What’s it like? You might also enjoy arcade titles like PewPew and Tilt Arena.