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New Android apps worth downloading: Dash, MindMeister update, Morphopolis

by Phil Hornshaw

Our first app worth downloading today is Dash, a great app for helping users get the most out of their cars. Combined with a device you install on your vehicle, the app can help you be a better driver, figure out what goes wrong with your car when you need service, and even to notify authorities and loved ones when you experience an accident. Next up is MindMeister, an app for creating “mind maps” to share ideas and collaborate with others. Finally comes Morphopolis, a hidden object and puzzle game filled with beautiful scenes of the tiny lives of insects.

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Dash (Free)

DashWhat’s it about? Turn your Android device into a car companion with Dash, an app that links to a device that can give you diagnostics, information about your driving, and more.

What’s cool? Dash is an app that connects with what's going on with your car. The app keeps track of things like how you drive, where you drive, and how good your gas mileage is, and it's handy for things like repair diagnostics, working to give you an idea of what's wrong and, more usefully, what it might cost to fix. The app also can instantly notify loved ones and call 911 when you have a crash. The diagnostics the app saves can show you how good a driver you are and are linked to profiles, allowing multiple users to test their abilities and ultimately drive more safely. Just keep in mind that the app requires a second device to work that's purchased separately.

Who’s it for? If you could use more information about how you drive and help driving more safely, check out the features Dash offers.

What’s it like? Check out OBDLink for another app that leverages your Android device to keep an eye on your car.

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MindMeister update (Free)

MindMeisterWhat’s it about? Create “mind maps,” visual means of sharing information, quickly and share them using MindMeister, an app that interacts with MindMeister's online service.

What’s cool? Data visualization tool MindMeister is great for conveying information in a visual way. The app lets you quickly and easily create “mind maps,” or visual webs that show things like project plans and workflows, and makes them easy to share through MindMeister's online service so you can use them to collaborate with others. You can edit your mind maps in the app, add, view and edit notes applied to them, and sync them with the app's online service. Just keep in mind that you need to create a free MindMeister account to use it all. The app's latest update adds things like Facebook login, the ability to export maps into other file types, and support for attachments and in-line images.

Who’s it for? Users who create and collaborate with visual information can use MindMeister to quickly create handy documents to share with others.

What’s it like? Try Mindomo and MindBoard for other apps that let users create and utilize mind maps on their Android devices.

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Morphopolis ($3.99)

MorphopolisWhat’s it about? Morphopolis is a hidden object game with a lush art style that has players solving puzzles in the tiny world of insects.

What’s cool? Mixing puzzles, hidden object mechanics, and a beautiful art style, Morphopolis puts players into some 16 different scenes that focus on insects. Your goal in each one is to pick out objects the insects require to move on, while also solving 10 different puzzles that involve doing things like arranging the stamens of a flower into a certain order. Morphopolis also features a gorgeous art style and soundtrack as you progress to ever-larger insects and areas.

Who’s it for? Fans of hidden object and puzzle games, as well as titles with great art and music, should try the relaxed gameplay of Morphopolis.

What’s it like? For more great puzzles and hidden objects, try The Room and Pixel Room.