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New Android apps worth downloading: Edmodo and Adobe Photoshop Express updates, Strata

by Phil Hornshaw

Our first app worth downloading today brings teachers and students together with better tools for learning. It's Edmodo, an app that creates an online space for teachers to interact with their students, track their progress, share assignments and files, and more. We've also got Adobe Photoshop Express, a photo-editing app based on speed and ease of use, and Strata, a casual puzzle game in which players are tasked with weaving strands of color together in the right order to create elaborate patterns

Edmodo update (Free)

EdmodoWhat’s it about? Edmodo provides students and teachers a way to connect and extend the learning experience beyond the classroom.

What’s cool? Edmodo is basically a virtual space in which teachers and students can connect, work together and learn. The app allows teachers to expand on their ability to teach by providing a place to upload files, photos and videos for sharing, and it also for groups to work together and collaborate as well as to work with their teachers. Edmodo also allows users to post and turn in their assignments, take polls, and give feedback, and it also provides teachers with for tracking student progress with a build-in grade book. Edmodo's new update brings a redesign to its user interface, with new notifications, customizable toolbars, shared folder access over the Internet and more.

Who’s it for? Edmodo is geared at teachers and students in K-12 schools, and is great for those who could use a way to make certain elements of working in the classroom more convenient after school.

What’s it like? Look for other useful apps for learning and school in Learnist and PowerSchool.

Adobe Photoshop Express update (Free)

Adoboe Photoshop ExpressWhat’s it about? Quickly adjust, fix up and edit your photos using Adobe Photoshop Express, a scaled-back version of the famous photo-editing software that's great on the go.

What’s cool? The “Express” part of Adobe Photoshop Express is that it's a quick and easy way to fix up your photos on the fly. The app lets you do things like correct color balance and remove red eyes, quickly add filters to your images, and utilize the app's automatic one-touch correction capabilities. You can also quickly and easily upload your images to your favorite social networks. The latest update to Adobe Photoshop Express streamlines the experience even more and lets users upload their images to the cloud using Adobe Revel, and also adds new filters to the mix.

Who’s it for? Mobile photographers, try using Adobe Photoshop Express to touch up your photos while you're out and about taking them.

What’s it like? Adobe's Photoshop Touch offers a deeper Photoshop experience, and you can also retouch photos with Photo Studio.

Strata ($2.99)

StaraWhat’s it about? Casual puzzler Strata has players carefully arranging colored bands in a certain order to clear its many levels.

What’s cool? Strata is a game about weaving, in a very simple sense. The game presents players with a pattern on a board and ribbons of various colors, and it's your job to weave the strands together to create particular patterns. Each strand goes in a straight line, so the idea is to figure out which ones have to be placed where, and in what order, to create the final pattern. Things get more complex as more strands and colors are added, and Strata will challenge you over its hundreds of puzzles not only to complete each level, but to do so without any missteps.

Who’s it for? Fans of casual, bright puzzle games will have a lot of fun with Strata's brainteasers.

What’s it like? Another fun, minimalist puzzler worth checking out is Dream of Pixels.