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New Android apps worth downloading: Dropbox and TeamViewer QuickSupport updates, Escape From Paradise

by Phil Hornshaw

We've got two useful updates for today's Apps Worth Downloading column. First is Dropbox, a cloud storage app that allows users to automatically upload images to their storage space, followed by TeamViewer QuickSupport, a remote screen app perfect for getting Android device tech support. Finally, we've got Escape From Paradise, a platformer in which players have to dodge obstacles and race through levels before time runs out.

Dropbox update (Free)

DropboxWhat’s it about? Save documents to the cloud and access them from your Android device over the Internet using Dropbox.

What’s cool? Cloud storage service Dropbox gives users online space in which they can save all kinds of things, from photos they take on their Android devices to documents they're creating on their home computers. The Dropbox app not only lets you access your online space, it also makes it possible to open, read and even documents, and allows you to automatically upload things like photos and videos to your cloud storage, so they don't take up space on your device's hard drive. The app's latest update adds more control to what files are automatically uploaded from your camera, and fixes some bugs as well.

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to make their Android device a productivity tool will want to make use of Dropbox and the extra storage it affords.

What’s it like? You can get more cloud storage capabilities out of Google Drive and SurDoc.

TeamViewer QuickSupport update (Free)

TeamViewer QuickSupportWhat’s it about? Get technical support for your Android devices with TeamViewer QuickSupport, which lets you remotely share the screen of your device so technicians can help diagnose problems.

What’s cool? When something's wrong with your Android device, it's hard to deal with it over the phone, because technical problems so often are hard to describe or have to be seen in person. TeamViewer QuickSupport is the next best thing to taking your device to a repair center – it lets you “share” the screen on your device with another user over the Internet, which lets them access the device remotely and see what you see on it. The app supports chat with technicians and even lets them take remote control of your device, should they need to access programs, apps or other controls to fix it. QuickSupport's new update adds support for even more devices, such as those made by Asus and Lenovo.

Who’s it for? If you could use help with your Android device, but don't want to take it in somewhere, check out TeamViewer QuickSupport.

What’s it like? Get more screen-sharing capabilities out of Splashtop Remote Desktop.

Escape From Paradise (Free)

Escape From ParadiseWhat’s it about? Bounce through side-scrolling platforming levels in Escape from Paradise, where your goal is to collect mushrooms and beat the timer.

What’s cool? Escape From Paradise tasks players with moving through various levels as Devi, a character who continually bounces up and down. Your job is to get past a number of obstacles that can kill Devi, while snagging mushrooms along the way to score points, and while also trying to finish each of the game's levels before time expires. You'll need to move carefully to avoid falling into pits or blowing up on minies, and certain types of terrain give out under Devi's weight as he crosses them. Escape From Paradise includes 150 levels spread across five different worlds.

Who’s it for? Fans of casual platforming gameplay will find Escape From Paradise a fun way to kill a few minutes.

What’s it like? Check out developer Game Cooks' other titles, Deja Vu and Captain Oil.