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New Android apps worth downloading: WeVideo - Video Editor & Maker and Houzz Interior Design Ideas updates, Robocop

by Phil Hornshaw

Create some movies from the mobile videos you shot this weekend with WeVideo, our first fresh app of the day. It lets you quickly arrange clips and videos into a movie you can share with others across Facebook and other social networks. We've also got Houzz Interior Design Ideas, a catalog of more than 2 million photos to help you come up with ideas for decorating your home. Finally, tie-in game Robocop puts players in the cybernetic shoes of the supercop in a third-person cover shooter that's all about blasting bad guys.

WeVideo – Video Editor & Maker update (Free)

WeVideo - Video Editor & MakerWhat’s it about? Quickly shoot and edit videos with WeVideo, an app for combining clips into larger movies that comes the ability to add extra touches, like themes.

What’s cool? Video editor WeVideo makes putting together video clips into something greater extremely easy. You can use the app to shoot videos or access those you've previously taken, and then quickly arrange clips into something greater to tell a story. The app lets you apply things like themes and filters to give your video titles and other editing touches, and you can add music to your finished product when you're all set. WeVideo publishes your movies to social networks and does so in HD, so viewers will see high-quality videos when they watch. The app's latest update adds greater support for Emojis and new subscription capabilities for paid features, and also squashes some bugs for better performance.

Who’s it for? If you're a fan of creating mobile videos and movies with your Android devices, try doing so with WeVideo.

What’s it like? Check out other solid video editing apps with Movie Editor and Video Editor: All-in-One.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas update (Free)

Houzz Interior Design IdeasWhat’s it about? Find new ways to decorate your home with the huge selection of photos and information found in Houzz Interior Design Ideas.

What’s cool? Houzz is a huge repository of photos – more than 2 million of them – that are catalogued to best help users find ideas for what to do with their home decorating. You can search through Houzz's photos based on the kind of space you're working with (like kitchens or dining rooms), and you can also check out things you might need for the job, like products to grab. There's also a section that lists professionals who can help, complete with business information and user ratings. The latest update to Houzz is all about bug fixes, which should help the app run better on more Android devices.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking at home improvement projects and hoping to get some new ideas should try Houzz.

What’s it like? You can find more inspiration for your home improvement projects from My Dream Home Interior Design and Interior Design Gallery.

Robocop (Free)

RobocopWhat’s it about? Fight your way through the criminals of Detroit 2028 in third-person shooter Robocop, based on the upcoming movie.

What’s cool? Robocop might be a cyborg capable of taking down untold number of criminals, but he still needs to take cover from fire. So unlike the previous incarnation of Robocop, players of the new Chillingo title will need to take cover behind walls and cars, firing away at crooks as they move in the open while also dodging their return fire. The game sports some impressive graphics and physics, and part of your strategy will include blasting enemies' cover in order to expose them. You'll also need to save hostages, send drones into battle and fight big bosses like ED-209, and as you progress through the game, you'll be able to upgrade and customize Robocop's gear to make him more effective.

Who’s it for? Fans of the Robocop film, as well as anyone who likes high-quality third-person shooter action, should check out this one.

What’s it like? Other beautiful and high-action third-person shooters include Shadowgun and EPOCH.