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New Android apps worth downloading: Udemy, Clever Cards for Facebook, Final Fantasy VI

by Phil Hornshaw

Today’s first app worth downloading is designed to help users make learning as convenient as possible. Udemy provides users with access to lots of different online courses that can be read, watched and listened to right on your Android device. We’ve also got Clever Cards for Facebook, an app that lets you send digital greeting cards as well as physical ones to your Facebook friends. Finally, there’s Final Fantasy VI, the classic 1994 role-playing game that has been updated for touchscreen devices.

Udemy (Free)

UdemyWhat’s it about? Pay for and access online courses with Udemy, which brings users videos, text and images to teach new skills.

What’s cool? Online courses have made learning new skills and concepts a whole lot easier than in years past, and Udemy brings online courses to your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. You can fire up Udemy and look through the selection of courses that it features on, which vary in price and include free options, then order courses and load them through the app. Courses include text you can read, photos to illustrate concepts, and videos to show step-by-step information. They also cover more than 2 million topics, each created by experts in a given area, spanning from software design to salsa preparation.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for ways to extend their ability to learn should try the convenience offered by Udemy.

What’s it like? More courses are available through apps such as My Open Courses.

Clever Cards for Facebook (Free)

Clever Cards for FacebookWhat’s it about? Send both digital and physical versions of birthday and holiday cards using Clever Cards, an app that lets you design your cards, send them, and have them mailed to your recipients.

What’s cool? There are lotsof apps in the Google Play Store that let users create and send digital cards, but Clever Cards does one better: it lets you send digital cards as well as physical ones. You can use the app to choose your card, design it, add text to it and even sign it, and then use the app to send your creation to your Facebook friends online for free. You can also choose to pay to have physical versions of your cards mailed to your friends’ addresses. Clever Cards also lets you automate the process – you can create your cards ahead of time and schedule them to be sent to your Facebook friends. The app also includes a big selection of cards you can choose from and customize, so you’ll be able to find and send cards for every occasion.

Who’s it for? If you like sending digital cards for birthdays and holidays across Facebook – as well as physical ones – check out Clever Cards’ offerings.

What’s it like? For more greeting card options, check out Birthday Cards or E-Card & Birthday Card.

Final Fantasy VI ($15.99)

Final Fantasy VIWhat’s it about? Classic 16-bit role-playing title Final Fantasy VI makes the leap from platforms like the Gameboy Advance, Playstation and Super Nintendo Entertainment System to Android, bringing its classic characters and story along with it.

What’s cool? Final Fantasy VI is one of the favorite games in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, featuring a big cast of memorable characters, 16-bit graphics, an intriguing story and a phenomenal soundtrack. The game was first released in 1994, but this port brings additional features and elements added to its 2006 remake on the Gameboy Advance. Final Fantasy VI features recreated graphics for mobile devices, as well as adapted and augmented touch controls for ease of use and a better implementation of the game’s menu-based battle system.

Who’s it for? Final Fantasy fans and players who love classic 16-bit games should most definitely snag a copy of Final Fantasy VI.

What’s it like? There are plenty of other solid Final Fantasy games on Android, including Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V.