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New Android apps worth downloading: Zoute, NewsBayou, Magic Rampage

by Phil Hornshaw

Need to use public transit to get around? If you're in the San Francisco area, you'll want to check out today's first app worth downloading, Zoute, which gives plenty of information about routes, helps you find the nearest stops, and more. Following that, we've got NewsBayou, a hyperlocal news aggregator that uses your location data to find news stories about the area you're in. Finally, fight your way through a castle full of monsters in action-platformer Magic Rampage.

Zoute (Free)

ZouteWhat’s it about? Navigate public transportation (in the San Francisco area, for now) with Zoute, which brings all kinds of ride information to users, tracks routs in real time, and finds nearby stops and stations.

What’s cool? Zoute is all about finding your way around using public transportation. The app helps by locating the nearest bus or train station, for a start, and then gets into fine details by helping you pick the routes you need to get where you're going, and even helps figure out how long they'll actually take you to travel by. The app also includes maps and route information, and lets you save your favorite destinations to quickly access them and find your way. Just keep in mind that Zoute is currently limited to the San Francisco Bay area, with more cities planned in the future.

Who’s it for? If you live in the SF area and you use public transportation, see how Zoute can help you get around.

What’s it like? You'll find more useful public transit info from OnTheBus and Moovit.

NewsBayou (Free)

NewsBayouWhat’s it about? Use your location or areas you search to bring up news stories tailored to those places with NewsBayou.

What’s cool? Hyperlocal news is a big trend in the news industry, and it's what NewsBayou looks to provide users. The news aggregation app doesn't bring you stories based on their category or subject – it sends them your way based on where you are, identifying news stories about an area using your Android device's location data. NewsBayou pulls stories from lots of different sources based on location, and you can also search different places to see news stories for those areas, as well. The article are also arranged by proximity to your location, and by time, so you get the newest, most relevant stories.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for local news content can find lots of options with NewsBayou.

What’s it like? Other solid news delivery apps are Google Currents and News Republic.

Magic Rampage (Free)

Magic RampageWhat’s it about? Fight with magic powers and various weapons in Magic Rampage, a side-scrolling action game with a mix of role-playing, hack-and-slash and platforming gameplay mechanics.

What’s cool? There's a castle full of bad guys in Magic Rampage – like always – and in Magic Rampage, you play one of several magic-using characters tasked with clearing it out and defeating the warlock who has taken up residence there. The game puts players in a big 2-D castle, in which you'll need to fight various enemies, grab loot and weapons, and leap over gaps and climb platforms in order to advance. The game features a number of conventions from different genres, with a mix of hack-and-slash, action-adventure, role-playing and platforming elements. You'll also defeat powerful bosses and solve physics-based puzzles to advance through the castle.

Who’s it for? Players who like their action-adventure games with a little more depth and variety will find lots to enjoy in Magic Rampage.

What’s it like? Grab similar action-adventure titles in Super Castlevania IV and Phoenix Spirit.