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New Android apps worth downloading: Backchat, beat - cloud & music player, Eternity Warriors 3

by Phil Hornshaw

Our first app worth downloading today brings a new element to your instant message chat sessions with friends. Backchat lets you chat with friends anonymously, opening the door for pranks, learning something deeper about each other, or just fun games as you use the app to guess who you're chatting with, and vice versa. We've also got beat, a music player that access your songs from both your Android device and your cloud storage files, and which includes floating controls for access to your music as you use other apps. Finally, there's Eternity Warriors 3, an action-role-playing game with tons of loot to find and monsters to kill, as well as opportunities to play with other people.

Backchat (Free)

BackchatWhat’s it about? Use Backchat to chat with your friends anonymously, adding a fun dimension to chat, or try to guess who you're talking to with the app's clue system.

What’s cool? Backchat puts a different spin on chatting with your friends using instant messages – instead of knowing who you're talking to, Backchat lets you send messages to your pals anonymously. That makes conversations in Backchat a bit of a game, in which you can prank friends or perhaps have deeper conversations with them, or try to let them guess who you are while you attempt to find out who they are. The app also includes a clue system to help you figure out to which of your friends you're speaking.

Who’s it for? If you like chatting with friends but want to add an extra dimension of playfulness to the proceedings, try Backchat.

What’s it like? Get more anonymous chatting opportunities out of Anonymous Chat and Chat Messenger – Random Chat.

beat – cloud & music player (Free)

beat - cloud & music playerWhat’s it about? Beat is a music player that draws track from cloud drives like Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as the music you've got saved on your device.

What’s cool? By pulling music files from all your cloud and folder sources, beat makes it easy to access all your music whenever you want on your Android device. The app lets you sync with accounts like Dropbox and Google Drive to access and play songs, and it also can pull songs from folders on your Android device, as well. Beat also includes a Holo design for its user interface and uses floating controls that stay above other apps, so you can always take command of your music, no matter what else you might be doing on your Android device. For the best music experience, beat also includes an equalizer and visualizer, in has a built-in sleep timer.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for a music player with controls that are easy to access while using other apps should try beat.

What’s it like? You'll find more alternative music players in Rocket Music Player and MX Player.

Eternity Warriors 3 (Free)

Eternity Warriors 3What’s it about?Battle through dungeons, gather tons of loot items and fight off huge enemeis in action-role-playing game Eternity Warriors 3.

What’s cool? Like other isometric ARPGs, Eternity Warriors three lets players take on the roles of one of three characters – a warrior, a mage or a monk – and fight tons of monsters as they battle through dungeons and across kingdoms. With fast, action-heavy combat and the ability to join guilds and play with (and against) other players, Eternity Warriors 3 brings a whole lot of action to bear for players. Fans of the ARPG genre will find powerful skills to add to their characters over time, and thousands of items to loot from enemies and dungeons to make them even stronger.

Who’s it for? Fans of action-RPGs and multiplayer titles will find fast-paced combat both alongside and against other players in Eternity Warriors 3.

What’s it like? You'll find more ARPG action in Demons & Dungeons and Archangel.