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New Android apps worth downloading: Bonfyre - Photo Sharing App, Picklor: Camera Color Picker, Archangel

by Phil Hornshaw

Start the week with some private photo sharing using Bonfyre, the fresh app that kicks off today's list. Bonfyre makes it easy to share photos and chat with a small group of people, which makes it great for events, as well as just connecting over what you're doing. Picklor comes next, turning Android devices into color pickers with the help of their on-board cameras. Finally, we have Archangel, an action-role-playing game in the style of Diablo 3 and which includes intuitive gesture-based controls

Bonfyre - Photo Sharing App (Free)

Bonfyre - Photo Sharing AppWhat’s it about? Photo app Bonfyre lets users share photos privately with individuals or small groups of people, and adds chat features to go with the images, so you can talk about what you're doing and who you're doing it with.

What’s cool? Bonfyre brings users all the social networking capabilities they need to share photos with one another, without all the extra noise of regular social networks, like news feeds and the like. Instead, users share their photos with who they want, but privately. You can also chat with the people with whom you're sharing photos within the app, which makes it great for making joint albums from common events or even just talking about what you're doing or what others are doing as you pass photos back and forth.

Who’s it for? If you want a photo-sharing alternative for small, private groups, try Bonfyre.

What’s it like? Another small-scale social network is Path and you can send photos to other users that will self-destruct after viewing with Snapchat.

Picklor: Camera Color Picker (Free)

Picklor: Camera Color PickerWhat’s it about? Turn your Android device into a color picker with Picklor, which allows you to identify colors around you with your device's camera and save them for later use.

What’s cool? Picklor lets you use the camera in your Android device to find and identify colors in the world around you. Essentially it's a color picker – you snap a photo of color in question, tag it within the app, and get the exact color and its hexadecimal description. Then you can name and save the color, accessing it again later and compare other colors to see if they match. Picklor's great for things like identifying paint colors, and you can share picked colors with others or use them as your device's wallpapers.

Who’s it for? Anyone in need of a quick and easy way to identify colors in the world around them should check out Picklor.

What’s it like? You'll find additional color picking app options with Color Picker and Color Grab.


Archangel ($4.99)

ArchangelWhat’s it about? Isometric dungeon crawler Archangel puts players in control of the titular heavenly warrior, tasking you with battling through hordes of demons to stop them from inflicting evil on the world.

What’s cool? Archangel is another in what seems like an ever-growing crop of beautiful, intense action-role-playing games. Putting players in the role of a powerful archangel, your job is to smash through tons of huge demons using all the powers at your control – including magic spells you'll dish out using gesture-based controls. Archangel includes 30 levels for players to fight their way through, and more than 100 unique items to collect and utilize in battle.

Who’s it for? Fans of top-down dungeon crawlers like Diablo 3 should check out all the gesture-based battling to be done in Archangel.

What’s it like? More great dungeon crawlers include Dungeon Hunter 3 and Eternity Warriors 3.