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New Android apps worth downloading: Yidio, Gmail update, Wordspionage

by Phil Hornshaw

Our apps worth downloading pull for the day starts off with a great one for users of lots of different streaming services. It's Yiddio, and it gives you the ability to search for movies and TV shows across lots of different services, like Netfilx, Hulu, Crackle and more. We've also got yet another update to Gmail, bringing users new abilities to send and receive attachments. Finally, Wordspionage gives a new spin to crossword games by allowing you to spy on your opponents tiles, screw up their turns and otherwise sabotage them.

Yidio (Free)

YidioWhat’s it about? Search through all the video services available on Android devices at the same time to find movies and TV shows with Yidio.

What’s cool? Ever want to watch a specific movie or show, but struggle to find which streaming service has it available? Yidio can help you deal with that issue – the app lets you search through all the video services available on Android, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and more, helping you find exactly what you're looking for and what service you need to watch it. You can also link your Netflix account to add videos to your queue and view your recommendations, and Yidio lets you set up filters to find the things you like and save them as presets.

Who’s it for? Users with access to lots of different streaming services should check out Yidio's search versatility.

What’s it like? Check out Crackle and Netflix for more potential streaming options and movie and TV show discovery.

Gmail update (Free)

GmailWhat’s it about? Access your Gmail account on your Android device and get a slick email experience no matter where you are.

What’s cool? Google's email alternative continues to get better and better on mobile devices. Already the app includes the ability to access your email and apply folders and labels, sign in to multiple accounts, archive mail, and set up label notifications – in addition to all the usual email stuff. You also get all the storage offered by Gmail, and Google is consistently putting out updates to improve the app for Android users. The latest includes the ability to send and download attachments of any type, the ability to set up vacation reminders, and better performance on low-memory devices.

Who’s it for? If you use Gmail on the web, you definitely want to grab Gmail for your phone or tablet.

What’s it like? Some solid email alternatives include Yahoo Mail and

Wordspionage ($1.99)

WordspionageWhat’s it about? Use various weapons and gadgets in to get the upper hand on your opponents in Wordspionage, a crossword board game that lets you mess with your opponents' tiles, multipliers and points.

What’s cool? Wordspionage is a lot like other crossword games you might know on its face. Each of up to four players gets a set of tiles with which to make words on the board, and those words have to build off other words. You score points based on which letters you use and how you place them on the board, and can grab multipliers for good placement to score big points. Wordspionage sets itself apart with a number of espionage-inspired power ups that let you mess with your opponents – like the ability to spy on their tiles, rearrange multipliers on the board, siphon their points and more.

Who’s it for? If you're a fan of multiplayer word games, Wordspionage will give you an alternate take with plenty of new ways to make your friends crazy.

What’s it like? For a more classic take on crossword games, grab Scrabble and Words With Friends.