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New Android apps worth downloading: SnoopWall Antivirus Privacy Firewall, DayZ Central Standalone, Tanktastic update

by Phil Hornshaw

Bolster the security of your Android device with SnoopWall's Antivirus Privacy Firewall app, our first app worth downloading today and which packs free and paid features that can help users keep apps from using personal data inappropriately. For PC gamers, we've got DayZ Central Standalone, a companion app to the popular zombie survival game DayZ. And for mobile gamers, there's Tanktastic, an online multiplayer tank battle game that just got updated with new maps, new tanks, and new vehicle upgrades to earn.

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SnoopWall Antivirus Privacy Firewall (Free)

SnoopWall Antivirus Privacy FirewallWhat’s it about? Monitor your Android device for apps that are misusing your personal data, and upgrade to virus protection, using SnoopWall's privacy app.

What’s cool? SnoopWall's Antivirus Privacy Firewall gives its users a rundown of just how secure their Android devices are, and how well-guarded their privacy is. The app includes a real-time privacy meter that keeps track of how apps on your device behave, and audits those apps to give you alerts of which ones are using your data inappropriately. You can also use SnoopWall to do things like set parental controls and bedtime options for when children use your Android device, and create safety configurations that prevent things like texting while driving. There's also a subscription-based upgrade that provides additional security and antivirus protection.

Who’s it for? Users looking for a way to manage their Android device's security and privacy settings should try SnoopWall.

What’s it like? Other useful security apps include Armor for Android Antivirus and Zoner Mobile Security.

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DayZ Central Standalone (Free)

DayZ Central StandaloneWhat’s it about? A companion app for players of the PC zombie survival game DayZ, DayZ Central Standalone is full of useful information, maps and guides to help players stay alive.

What’s cool? DayZ is an intense survival game set in a town beset by zombies, in which players have to find supplies and weapons to survive, against both the ferocious undead and other players who want to steal their stuff. DayZ Central looks to provide DayZ players with all the information they need to at least get along in the game, including detailed maps of the areas and information about what players can find where, and guides that can help players become better survivors. The app includes a loot database and HD map, guides to game systems that can help you stay alive, and comparison charts, so you know which equipment is worth having and which is worth ditching.

Who’s it for? DayZ Central is specifically for the growing fanbase of the DayZ PC game.

What’s it like? Players might also want to check out The DayZ Resource and DayZ Mobile.

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Tanktastic update (Free)

TanktasticWhat’s it about? Battle other players around the world in 3-D multiplayer tank title Tanktastic, in which players drive tanks and blast each other.

What’s cool? Tanktastic is all about multiplayer tank battles. Players choose from one of 50 different tanks and jump into battles that include free-for-all, team and capture the flag modes. The game supports as many as 16 players in a single match, and also includes features like in-game help and live chat between players. You'll be able to track your stats and progress on Tanktastic's online leaderboards, and the developers promise consistent updates to expand the game's features. In its latest update, Tanktastic adds two new maps for players to battle on, as well as 14 new tanks to pilot, and new upgrades players can earn for their vehicles to make them more effective in battle.

Who’s it for? If you're a fan of tanks and battling it out online, you'll want to grab Tanktastic.

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