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New Android apps worth downloading: Pandora Internet Radio update, WATCH ABC Family, Farm Heroes Saga

by Phil Hornshaw

Find and stream music you didn't know you liked with today's first app worth downloading, Pandora Internet Radio. It's just been updated with increased functionality, adding alarm clock features that let you wake up to your Internet radio stations, as well as fall asleep to them. We've also got WATCH ABC Family, a streaming app for users to view full episodes from the network, and Farm Heroes Saga, a match-3 game that's all about carefully managing your moves.

Pandora Internet Radio update (Free)

Pandora Internet RadioWhat’s it about? Stream music to your Android device over your Internet connection and create custom radio stations based on the music and bands you like.

What’s cool? Pandora is a great way to find music. The app provides users with streaming music to their Android devices for free with ad support, and starts by asking you what bands and songs you like. From that starting point, Pandora fills out a customized Internet radio station with other, similar songs and artists. You can further customize the station by giving a “thumbs up” to songs you like, and a “thumbs down” to songs you don't. Pandora learns from your choices and makes adjustments accordingly. The latest update to the app adds an alarm clock function, allowing you to wake up to your Pandora stream every morning. The clock comes with a snooze feature, and there's a sleep function so you can fall asleep while listening as well.

Who’s it for? Users looking for a solid music-streaming service that will also introduce them to new music they may like should check out Pandora.

What’s it like? Spotify is also a useful music-screaming alternative, as is TuneIn Radio.

WATCH ABC Family (Free)

Watch ABC FamilyWhat’s it about? Access your favorite ABC Family TV shows on your Android devices and stream them over a Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection.

What’s cool? WATCH ABC Family is two apps in one, providing users with both a streaming app and the ability to watch shows live. If you're a cable subscriber to ABC Family, you can punch in your provider's details and use your Internet connection to stream full episodes of your favorite ABC Family shows whenever you want. You can also use the app to watch shows as they air live, so you don't have to miss the latest airing even when you're away from your TV.

Who’s it for? Fans of ABC Family should definitely grab this app to increase their viewing capabilities.

What’s it like? You can also stream shows with WATCH ABC and The CW Network.


Farm Heroes Saga (Free)

Farm Heroes SagaWhat’s it about? Match 3 title Farm Heroes Saga tasks players not only with match rows and columns of three of the same object – in this case, farm crops – but also with strategically trying to match specific items within a set number of moves.

What’s cool? Farm Heroes Saga is a match 3 title that's not all about high scores. Instead, it's about strategically making matches in order to fulfill quotas of farm crops matched. You might be tasked in one level of gathering a certain number of apples, while in another, it's carrots and beets you'll need to grab. In order to clear a level, you'll have to hit your numbers before running out of moves, and that means carefully weighing your options when making matches to make sure you're positioning crops where you need them. Your score is based on how well you're able to meet and beat your quotas, so pay attention to every move you make during each level.

Who’s it for? Players who like match 3 titles that ask for a little more intelligence than just hitting the highest scores will want to try Farm Heroes Saga.

What’s it like? Grab developer King's popular Candy Crush Saga as well, and its non-match 3 game Papa Pear Saga to mix things up a bit.