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New Android apps worth downloading: Carbon for Twitter and SO.HO updates, Detective Grimoire

by Phil Hornshaw

Our haul of apps worth downloading this week starts with updates to two social networking apps. First is Carbon for Twitter, the elegant Twitter client that uses a minimalist design to make browsing the social network as easy as possible. Second is SO.HO, an app that brings your social networking feeds to your Android device's home screen, rather than forcing you to bounce through multiple apps to get yourself updated on all your networks. Finally in the games department comes point-and-click adventure game Detective Grimoire, a murder mystery packed with puzzles to solve, clues to find and suspects to interrogate.

Carbon for Twitter update (Free)

Carbon for TwitterWhat’s it about? Twitter client Carbon brings a slick interface and elegant, dark design to using the social network.

What’s cool? Carbon is a Twitter client known for its elegant take on the Twitter timeline. Using a mostly black approach to its interface, Carbon is easy on the eyes while also being easy to navigate, with everything Twitter users need presented in quick taps and swipes they can access from the main timeline. The idea is to eliminate the need to drill down through various screens to find the parts of Twitter users need, while also keeping the interface intuitive. Carbon also includes features like a “do not disturb” mode for silencing tweets during certain times of day. Carbon's version 2.0 update redesigns the interface to make it more aesthetically pleasing and understated, and adds the ability to change tweet text sizes.

Who’s it for? Fans of Twitter who are looking for an elegant way to experience the social network should give Carbon a try.

What’s it like? Other solid apps for Twitter include Tweedle and Plume.

SO.HO update (Free)

SO.HOWhat’s it about? SO.HO stands for “social homescreen,” and the app looks to bring your social networking connections to the fore whenever you fire up your Android device.

What’s cool? Social networking app SO.HO turns your Android device's home screen into your social networking hub, allowing you to see the latest from your various feeds when you fire up your device – and not once you've dug through three or four different apps to find it all. The app brings you feeds from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on your home page, and lets you page between those feeds to get a more in-depth look at them. SO.HO's new update brings the ability to use it as its own app instead of as an app launcher, and adds new features, like a “hashtag” feed.

Who’s it for? If you're a social media junky, check out the convenience that SO.HO can bring to keeping you connected.

What’s it like? You'll get a similar experience out of Facebook's Home app.

Detective Grimoire ($3.99)

Detective GrimoireWhat’s it about? Point-and-click adventure title Detective Grimoire puts players on the job of solving a murder that takes place in a swamp town, by solving puzzles and interrogating suspects.

What’s cool? There's a murder that needs solving in Detective Grimoire, and as you might expect, you're just the detective (named Grimoire) to solve it. A point-and-click adventure game, it requires players to move through a town located in a swamp, gathering clues and interrogating potential suspects to gather more information about the crime and advance the story. Like other games in the genre, Detective Grimoire also features puzzles players will have to solve along the way.

Who’s it for? Fans of murder mysteries, puzzles and adventure games in general should give Detective Grimoire a go.

What’s it like? Other solid adventure titles with a murder mystery bent include Broken Sword and Yesterday.