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New Android apps worth downloading: SkipLock, Timera, Dream of Pixels update

by Phil Hornshaw

Skip constantly unlocking your phone when you're at home using today's first fresh app, SkipLock. It recognizes when your device is tied to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections you specify and uses them as authorization to skip your device's lock screen. We've also got Timera, a photography app that lets users merge old photos of certain locations with new ones to make an interesting past-and-present mashup. Finally, Dream of Pixels is a Tetris-like puzzle game, except in reverse, with players carving out blocks from a mass of clouds.

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SkipLock (Free)

SkipLockWhat’s it about? Deactivate your Android device's screen lock when you're connected to specified Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices using SkipLock.

What’s cool? Having a screen lock password on your Android device is pertinent for protecting your privacy or in case you lose your device, but it gets irritating when you're at home and you're still entering your password every time you want to check email or see what's going on with Facebook. SkipLock eliminates that irritation by disabling your device's screen lock automatically, but only certain circumstances – like when you're connected to your home Wi-Fi network, or to Bluetooth devices that utilize your Android device. The app is low-impact on your memory and battery life, and will also let you switch on and off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to save even more battery.

Who’s it for? Anyone who finds it irritating to constantly unlock their device at home or under other specific circumstances should check out SkipLock.

What’s it like? Also potentially useful for managing your phone's locks are AntiLock and Delayed Lock.

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Timera (Free)

TimeraWhat’s it about? Merge old photographs of a location with new ones you take yourself using Timera, a photography app that uses location data to help you create interesting images.

What’s cool? Timera provides mobile photography fans with some cool possibilities for making their own images. It works by accessing your device's GPS capabilities when you're in major cities, and pinpointing landmarks and locations of which the app has photos from years in the past. Then, you can use Timera to recreate those photos by shooting the same location again, overlaying a portion of the original photo with your photo – creating a chimera image that merges the two together. You can also upload your own old photos and tag their locations so other users can create images with them.

Who’s it for? Photography fans, Timera lets you create cool new things by leaning on old ones.

What’s it like? For other interesting photo presentations, check out Photo Collage – Photo Grid and Adobe Photoshop Express.


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Dream of Pixels update (Free)

Dream of PixelsWhat’s it about? Dream of Pixels takes a page from the classic Tetris, but instead of linking together falling blocks to make lines, users have to dismantle them in reverse.

What’s cool? Most mobile game players are aware of Tetris, a game in which blocks fall from the top of the screen to the bottom, and players must arrange them to make solid lines from one side of the screen to the other. Dream of Pixels is similar, using the same set of shapes, but instead of dropping blocks down, your job is to carve shapes out of a cloud from the bottom up. You do that by tapping where you want each shape to fit into the cloud as the shape appears, the idea being to carefully plan where to cut out and remove pieces so you don't have any left over. If you're in the holiday spirit still, Dream of Pixels' latest update adds a “Christmas” effect that changes the look of the game for a more festive mood.

Who’s it for? If you're into puzzle games, especially Tetris, try Dream of Pixels' take on the classic.

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