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New Android apps worth downloading: Meetup update, Jolt: Calling and Messaging, Original Doom

by Phil Hornshaw

Find ways to be more social in the new year with our first app worth downloading today, Meetup. The social app helps users find people and events near them that fall in line with their interests, in order to meet people with whom they have things in common. Following that is Jolt: Messaging and Calling, an Internet calling app that claims added security for your communications. Finally, there's Original Doom, an Android port of the famous first-person shooter classic.

If you are in the mood to meet new people, these apps can help!

Meetup update (Free)

MeetupWhat’s it about? Find people with common interests and meet up with them using social networking platform Meetup.

What’s cool? Meetup is a platform to help people meet other people who have something in common with them. The app brings users lists of various events, like writing meetups, ugly sweater parties, local hikes, and more, and organizes them by categories. You punch in what things you're interested in, and Meetup finds other people who share those interests, and then shows you events you can attend to meet them and participate. You'll also get information about who's hosting the event, who's attending, and directions to where you need to be. Meetup's latest update brings a fresh design to the app, as well as new organization so you can see when your next meetup is, which ones you haven't RSVP'd to, and more.

Who’s it for? If you're looking to meet new people and make new friends in your area, try doing so with Meetup.

What’s it like? Other interesting apps that can help users get social include Badoo and MeetMe.

More mobile conversations await with these messaging apps.

Jolt: Messaging and Calling (Free)

Jolt: Messaging and CallingWhat’s it about? Messaging app Jolt purports to bring users a free, private alternative to phone calls and emails for contacting people around the world.

What’s cool? Jolt: Messaging and Calling uses your Android device's Internet connection to provide a means through which users can send text messages, make video and voice calls, and more. The app provides a secure and private platform for communication, and includes features like a private social network known as Ideas, email and cloud backups for messages. Users can make calls to anywhere in the world using their Internet connection, and the app also supports tablets as well as Android smartphones.

Who’s it for? Users looking for an alternative to their phone for making calls and sending texts, as well as other forms of communication, should try Jolt.

What’s it like? You'll find solid voice-over-Internet options in Viber and Tango, as well.

Looking for even more shooting games? Try these.

Original Doom (Free)

Original DoomWhat’s it about? Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first-person shooter classic, Original Doom brings to Android id Software's hellish, demon-filled romp through a Mars research base.

What’s cool? Experiments with teleportation have accidentally ripped a hole into Hell, allowing demons of all sorts to invade a research base on Mars. It's your job as the space marine known as “Doomguy” to fight your way through the monsters in Doom, the uber-popular first-person shooter that helped lay the ground work for many modern games. The game features all of Doom's original levels, weapons and environments, including the infamous shotgun and the chainsaw.

Who’s it for? Players nostalgic for the first-person shooter that has had a serious effect on video games will want to check out Original Doom.

What’s it like? If you're in the mood for other classic games, try Sonic the Hedgehog and Ms. Pac-Man.