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New Android apps worth downloading: MTV, ROCCAT Power Grid and Call of Duty: Strike Team updates

by Phil Hornshaw

MTV show fans, our first app worth downloading today is all for you. It's MTV's Android app, bringing full episodes for streaming to users, as well as show companion features for when you're watching on TV. We've also got ROCCAT Power Grid, an app geared toward PC gamers that gives them control of certain PC functions on their Android devices. Finally, Call of Duty: Strike Team brings mobile players into the first-person shooter series, with both first-person and third-person, strategic gameplay.

MTV (Free)

MTVWhat’s it about? Watch full episodes of MTV shows with the new MTV Android app, and get lots of supplemental content to go with viewing your favorite shows.

What’s cool? MTV is the perfect app for users who enjoy MTV shows. It comes with full episodes from the channel that users get access to with their MTV-inclusive cable TV subscription, allowing you to stream episodes across a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. You can also check out clips from upcoming shows or watch original online MTV series from MTV Other, and the app is full of companion information that makes it great to have on-hand when you're watching an episode. It also lets you connect with Facebook or Twitter, so you can watch episodes along with others across social media.

Who’s it for? MTV show fans, and specifically users who have cable TV subscriptions to the channel: MTV's Android app is for you.

What’s it like? Watch more full episodes of TV shows using Hulu Plus and Netflix.

ROCCAT Power Grid update (Free)

ROCCAT Power GridWhat’s it about? Control various functions of your computer from your iOS device while gaming, using ROCCAT's Power Grid software, which lets you turn your iPhone or iPad into a control center for things like system stats and social networking feeds.

What’s cool? Especially when playing PC games, it can be tough to get to certain controls you need for your computer without potentially messing up the flow of the game, crashing the software, or just creating delays at key moments. ROCCAT Power Grid looks to alleviate that issue by giving users control of a number of PC functions on their iOS devices, so they don't have to interrupt gameplay to access them. You can check your social networking streams or your computers memory stats while playing, or set up “grids” that give you customized controls of lots of different functions. Power Grid's latest update adds even more features, like a help tab for quick trouble-shooting, quick ROCCAT and Power Grid news updates, and additional languages.

Who’s it for? PC gamers and anyone who could use some handheld controls for their PCs should try out what ROCCAT Power Grid has to offer.

What’s it like? Grab Remote Control Collection and Easy PC Control for more apps that give you PC-controlling capabilities.

Call of Duty: Strike Team update ($2.99)

Call of Duty: Strike TeamWhat’s it about? Battle with a squad of elite soldiers in Call of Duty: Strike Team, a mobile take on the super-popular video game series with a new version of its first-person shooter gameplay.

What’s cool? Call of Duty: Strike Team brings players a mobile version of the incredibly popular console video game series, with all the trappings we've come to expect: First-person shooting with lots of weapons and huge set pieces. But in addition to being a shooter with high-quality graphics, Strike Team is also a top-down strategy game, allowing players to give orders to squad members on the battlefield, or jump down into the action and take over one of them to play on the ground. The latest update to Strike Team adds support for lots more devices, as well as bug fixes to improve gameplay.

Who’s it for? Fans of Call of Duty titles and solid first-person shooting should definitely check out Call of Duty: Strike Team.

What’s it like? Other good Android FPS games include Modern Combat 4 and Blitz Brigade.