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New Android apps worth downloading: Flayvr update, Big Win NHL Hockey, Gemini Rue

by Phil Hornshaw

Keep your photos organized by events and easy to navigate using today's first app worth downloading, Flayvr. It automatically keeps your photos arranged by events, adding them to shareable albums you can quickly send to others. In the games department comes Big Win NHL Hockey, a card-based game that mixes in elements of fantasy hockey and includes the full 2013-14 NHL roster of players. Finally comes Gemini Rue, a point-and-click adventure game set in a noir sci-fi future.

Flayvr – photo gallery update (Free)

Flavyr - photo galleryWhat’s it about? Photo gallery Flavyr automatically organizes your images into galleries and albums based around specific events, making it easy to find and share them.

What’s cool? If you use your Android device for a lot of photography, you probably find you have tons of photos and that searching through them can be a real pain. Flavyr attempts to add some organization to your photos by automatically grouping them together based on the events they center on, when they were taken, and more. The app automatically sorts through photos and divides them into albums and galleries, and you can then easily share those albums with friends and family or across social networks. Flavyr's new update makes it easy to privately share albums to selected groups, creates a “shared timeline” of albums you've shared and others who have shared with you, and brings users new notifications about shared albums from other users.

Who’s it for? Avid mobile photographers looking to bring some easy organization to their images should see what Flavyr can do.

What’s it like? Check out Gallery KK and Photo Grid for two more ways of sharing and organizing photos.

Big Win NHL Hockey (Free)

Big Win NHL HockeyWhat’s it about? Mixing fantasy hockey with collectible card games, Big Win NHL tasks players with building teams of NHL players and strategically using their cards to win games.

What’s cool? Build your own NHL team of existing players and take it on the quest for the Stanley Cup in Big Win NHL, a game that brings collectible card game mechanics together with fantasy hockey play. Your job as the manager of your team is to collect digital cards that represent players and “Big Impact” plays, and use those to cobble together the best team you can. Then you take your team out and watch them play – you can't control how they do, but you can use your Big Impact cards at strategic moments in order to change the course of games and win victories. You can also challenge friends to games as well as play alone in single-player mode.

Who’s it for? Hockey fans, grab Big Win NHL for a digital fantasy hockey-like experience that you can play with friends.

What’s it like? More solid mobile hockey action is available in Hockey Nations 2011 and ESPN Fantasy Hockey.

Gemini Rue ($4.99)

Gemini RueWhat’s it about? Follow the story of two men in a distopian, space-bound future in Gemini Rue, a point-and-click adventure game that takes inspiration from Blade Runner and games like Beneath a Steel Sky.

What’s cool? Adventure game Gemini Rue follows two simultaneous stories that take place a galaxy apart from one another. One has ex-assassin Azrael Odin searching for a missing man and discovering a conspiracy surrounding the disappearance. The other follows Delta-Six, a man who awakens in a strange research facility with no memory of his real name and only his designation and the instructions he's given to go by. Like other adventure games, Gemini Rue is heavy on story and has players navigating various environments to solve puzzles and interact with other characters. It puts a premium on narrative over action, and uses pixelated, 16-bit-esque graphics to conjure up an old-school feel.

Who’s it for? Fans of story-centric, thoughtful games and sci-fi mixed with noir should check out Gemini Rue.

What’s it like? Broken Sword and Reperfection – Volume 1 are a pair of narrative-heavy adventures that carry similar mechanics.