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New Android apps worth downloading: P90X, Skype update, Double Dragon Trilogy

by Phil Hornshaw

Get in shape during your holiday vacation (or just counteract any holiday treats you mean to eat) with P90X, a companion app to the intense workout regimen and our first app worth downloading today. We've also got an update to video calling app Skype, which brings the ability to continue your calls while using other apps. Finally, fans of classic games will want to nab Double Dragon Trilogy, a mobile port of the arcade beat-'em-up and its two sequels.

P90X ($2.99)

P90XWhat’s it about? The companion app to the intense workout DVD series, P90X lets users track their workouts, includes areas for recording progress, and lets users purchase additional guided workouts.

What’s cool? The coolest thing about the P90X set of workouts is how little equipment they usually require, but one item you might want to add to your workout is your Android device with the P90X app. The app lets users keep track of which workout in the series is due on any given day, as the schedule rotates, and you can also record items like additional workouts such as hikes or runs, how many reps you complete, which weights you're using, and other information that helps you keep track of your progress in the workouts. You can also purchase guided workouts that help you when you are traveling or heading to the gym, and the app also includes support for scheduling and tracking for P90X2 and the new P90X3 version of the workout.

Who’s it for? P90X enthusiasts and anyone looking to get in shape with the program should grab the app to go with it.

What’s it like? For more useful workout tracking, grab Runkeeper and Fitocracy.

Skype update (Free)

SkypeWhat’s it about? Make video and group calls and send instant messages using Skype and your Android device's Internet connection.

What’s cool? Microsoft's Skype service allows users to make calls over their Internet connections to other Skype users for free, both on their smartphones and their computers. That makes it possible to make video calls with others, and the app also supports group calls, sharing things like photos, and sending instant messages to other users. The latest update to Skype adds some video compatibility fixes and squashes other bugs, and introduces a picture-in-picture feature that makes it possible to continue video calls even when using other apps at the same time.

Who’s it for? Skype users, you'll want the free Android version of the service to access your comments and for video-calling convenience.

What’s it like? Check out Tango and Viber, two more solid voice-over-Internet apps for your smartphone or tablet.

Double Dragon Trilogy ($2.99)

Double Dragon TrilogyWhat’s it about? Tackle the original 1987 Double Dragon arcade game, as well as its two sequels, in Double Dragon Trilogy.

What’s cool? Video game fans who grew up in the era of the Nintendo Entertainment System and bustling arcades will remember the original Double Dragon, a side-scrolling cooperative brawler with tons of tough enemies and a bouncing 8-bit soundtrack. Some 26 years after its original release and plenty of remakes and iterations since, Double Dragon is back, along with its two sequels, in an Android port that nails the arcade feel – right down to the difficulty. Players can try the game with three different difficulty levels, one of which is specially balanced for mobile play, and in two different modes: arcade, where the focus is on a high score, and story, which is all about progressing to new stages and earning achievements.

Who’s it for? Fans of classic arcade titles and Double Dragon in particular will appreciate how closely matched to the originals Double Dragon Trilogy feels.

What’s it like? Check out developer DotEmu's other mobile ports of classic games, Another World and R-Type.