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New Android apps worth downloading: Android Device Manager, Quests & Rewards, Angry Birds Go!

by Phil Hornshaw

Track down your missing Android devices, or wipe them completely, with today's first app worth downloading, Google's Android Device Manager. The app gives you the ability to remotely lock or wipe your phone if it goes missing, and also is great for finding lost devices. We've also got Quests & Rewards, a bulletin board-style app meant to help find lost pets, children, people and property in a given area. Finally, there's Angry Birds Go!, a racing game take on the popular franchise.

Android Device Manager (Free)

Android Device ManagerWhat’s it about? Google has released a remote device management app in Android Device Manager, which allows you to locate your phone when you lose it or lock it if it's stolen.

What’s cool? If you've ever lost a smartphone before, you've probably wished for an app like Android Device Manager. Google's answer to Apple's Where My iPhone lets you utilize your device's GPS capabilities to help find your device when it's turned on but misplaced, and you also can remotely access it if you suspect it has been stolen or you won't be getting it back. You can lock your device from your computer or wipe its data if it's in untrustworthy hands, as well.

Who’s it for? If you have an Android device, you should have Android Device Manager, just in case.

What’s it like? For more options for controlling and protecting your phone, try Remote Phone and Norton Security Antivirus.

Quests & Rewards (Free)

Quests & RewardsWhat’s it about? Quests & Rewards creates a mobile bulletin board meant to bring notices for things like lost pets and children or cold cases to a larger group of people.

What’s cool? Imagine a digital space where you can post that flier about your lost pet and get it in front of lots of people onilne. That's what Quests & Rewards seeks to create. The app makes it possible to post notices about things like lost children, lost pets, lost or stolen property and more, and even to offer rewards to go with them. You can easily post your own notices or browse the ones in your area, and when posting a notice, you can choose the range around you that determines who will see it.

Who’s it for? Anyone interested in using a mobile bulletin board to enlist the help of others, or to lend a hand in searching for lost things themselves, should try Quests & Rewards.

What’s it like? You'll find some similar functions in apps such as Amber Alert.

Angry Birds Go! (Free)

What’s it about? Compete in downhill races in Angry Birds Go!, in which Angry Birds characters take to downhill go-karts to battle it out on the track.

What’s cool? It was only a matter of time until the Angry Birds franchise spawned a racing game. Angry Birds Go! puts players in downhill cars made of wood and various other materials as they battle against evil pigs and other birds for racing supremacy. Players can choose from one of several cars that can be upgraded with coins they earn from races, giving them better handling, speed and strength. You'll also be able to access special moves that give you a boost in races or allow you to take down other racers. You can also access new characters and bring them into races by using Angry Birds Telepods toys you can buy at retail stores.

Who’s it for? Angry Birds fans looking for a racing angle to go with the franchise should check out Angry Birds Go!.

What’s it like? More solid racing games include Death Rally and Toy Truck Rally 3D.