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New Android apps worth downloading: Lovely Rentals - Houses & Apts, Uno & Friends update, Dokuro

by Phil Hornshaw

Looking for a place to move to, but not interested in buying? Today's first app worth downloading, Lovely Rentals, is for you, bringing quick search capabilities that can help you find places to rent wherever you're looking. We've also got the socially enabled Uno & Friends, which lets you challenge Facebook or Google + friends to bouts of the classic card game, and Dokuro, a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer in which you play a skeleton hoping to save a princess.

Lovely Rentals – Houses & Apts (Free)

Lovely Rentals - Houses & AptsWhat’s it about? Find the next place you'll live using Lovely Rentals, an app specifically geared at helping renters find properties in a given area.

What’s cool? Taking the pain out of apartment-hunting and searching for rental houses is Lovely Rentals, a real estate app specializing just in properties that aren't for sale, but for rent. The app lets you search wherever you're looking to live, be it in your current area using your Android device's GPS capabilities, or in a city to which you're headed. You can use the app to map different rentals in the area you want, and Lovely helps out by prioritizing the most recent listings while clearing out the ones that have already been snagged. You can save listings to your favorites list so you can check them out later, and each includes things like photos, contact info, and more.

Who’s it for? Renters, use Lovely to cut down on the time and hassle required to find a new place to live.

What’s it like? You can look for more rental listings anywhere you want to move with Trulia and HotPads.

Uno & Friends update (Free)

Uno & FriendsWhat’s it about? Play quick games of Uno online with other players with Uno & Friends, a social version of the classic card game.

What’s cool? The mobile version of the card game Uno can be fun to play alone or with a few friends, but it's not quite as quick and accessible as Uno & Friends, which focuses on a more Facebook-friendly approach to the game. The app lets you create multiplayer matches and invite friends to play, and you can also challenge tons of other players from around the world. Over the course of playing, you can earn boosters and other power-ups that can give your game an edge. Uno & Friends can also interact with your social networks to allow you to challenge everyone you know on Facebook or Google +. The app's latest update adds a holiday themed deck and brings weekly tournaments that players can participate in.

Who’s it for? Social networking fans who also like to play Uno will find the perfect combination of competition and socializing in Uno & Friends.

What’s it like? For more great social games, grab Words With Friends and Angry Birds Friends.

Dokuro ($0.99)

DokuroWhat’s it about? Side-scrolling puzzle platformer Dokuro has players working to help a princess escape an evil castle by solving puzzles to clear her path and fighting off bad guys who come after her.

What’s cool? You take on the role of a skeleton in Dokuro, in the service of the Dark Lord's army, but don't worry – you're not all bad. In fact, after encountering the princess imprisoned by your master, you've turned good, and are working to help her escape the castle. To do that, you'll need to jump over obstacles and solve puzzles in each of the game's side-scrolling levels, allowing the princess to move forward when she comes up against hazards like locked doors or pits. You'll also have to fight off your former comrades, as well, which requires transforming from skeleton mode to the more human hero mode.

Who’s it for? Platforming fans and players who like a mix of puzzles and combat, with a cool art style, will want to give Dokuro a go.

What’s it like? Other puzzlers worth your attention include Shift and Tiny Thief.