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New Android apps worth downloading: Quip, Imgur - official app update, Clash of Puppets

by Phil Hornshaw

Fire up today's first app worth downloading, Quip, and you'll find a word processor made to make creating documents from your Android device easy. The app lets you make, upload and collaborate on documents across your Internet connection, giving you the kind of capabilities you'd expect on your computer, wherever you are. We've also got Imgur, the official app of the image-sharing social network, which now includes tablet support, and Clash of Puppets, a hybrid hack-and-slash platformer that puts players in some tough battles using axes, swords and guns, among other things.

Quip (Free)

QuipWhat’s it about? Word processor Quip makes it easy for users to collaborate and create documents no matter what they're using to do it, whether it be an Android device or a computer.

What’s cool? Creating documents and working on them with others is easy with Quip, a mobile word processor with alternate versions on PC and Mac, as well. The app lets you create a number of different kinds of documents on your Android device, and also lets you share those documents with others. Each document has a chat window that lets you collaborate with other people in editing, and you can see a news feed that shows every single edit to every single document to keep track of changes. You can also make folders in the cloud so that everyone can access a document, and receive notifications about edits and documents that matter to you.

Who’s it for? If you need a word processor that works on your Android device and is great for multiple collaborative users, grab Quip.

What’s it like? You'll also find solid word processing and sharing capabilities in Google Drive.

Imgur – official app update (Free)

Imgur - official appWhat’s it about? The official app of image sharing social network Imgur makes it easy to spread cool images using your account, or to browse interesting ones shared by others.

What’s cool? Fire up the Android version of Imgur and you'll instantly get full access to the image-heavy social network, with lots of benefits that let you quickly upload your own material. You can use Imgur to browse through the most popular images on the network as you see fit, plus you can upload images from your device's folders or photo gallery from just about anywhere. You can also comment and vote on images, and manage all the images you've already uploaded to the network, as well. The latest update to Imgur gives the app tablet support, so it's useful on even more devices.

Who’s it for? Users of Imgur and anyone who likes browsing viral images will want to check out the Android version of the service.

What’s it like? You'll find more great galleries of images on Instagram and Flickr.

Clash of Puppets ($2.99)

Clash of PuppetsWhat’s it about? Slash, hack and shoot your way through crazy battles, and leap across tons of platforms in top-down action-adventure title Clash of Puppets.

What’s cool? You'll get a mix of genres and gameplay experiences out of Clash of Puppets. In many ways, it's like a top-down hack-and-slash title, and you'll wield guns, axes, swords and other weaponry in 3-D battles against lots of enemies. In other ways, it's a platforming game, in which you'll need to jump over pits, avoid traps, and use expert timing to keep yourself alive. Clash of Puppets takes its inspiration from B-movies, but looks to inspire a console-game feel with its cartoonish, full-fledged graphics and tight controls. The game features three big worlds and an endless challenge mode, and packs online leaderboards you can use to challenge your friends.

Who’s it for? Fans of platformers, hack-and-slash, and action-adventure games in general will find a lot to like in Clash of Puppets.

What’s it like? You might also want to grab some of developer Crescent Moon Games' other titles, like Neon Shadow and Aralon: Sword and Shadow.