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New Android apps worth downloading: CoverMe Private Texting, Calls, Word Lens Translator update, Dark Project

by Phil Hornshaw

Need to send messages and photos without worrying someone they’re not meant for will see them? Today’s first app worth downloading, CoverMe, is perfect for the job, allowing users to send self-destructing messages and even remotely delete them after sending them. We’ve also got Word Lens Translator, a camera app that can translate signs and menus from one language to another instantly. Finally, there’s Dark Project, a top-down shooter in which players must cut through a dark research base with only a flashlight and a gun.

CoverMe Private Texting, Calls (Free)

CoverMe Private Texting, CallsWhat’s it about? Secure messaging app CoverMe lets users send self-destructing messages, make secure phone calls, or even wipe messages you’ve sent remotely.

What’s cool? Sending communications you want to make sure remain private can be tough in the mobile age, which is why CoverMe provides users with lots of means through which to send messages that can only be seen by their recipients, and which won’t linger too long. The app allows you to do things like send self-destructing messages that delete themselves once they’ve been read, or recall or delete messages remotely that you’ve sent to others. You can also hide photos and videos in a “photo vault” on your phone, as well as hide contacts and messages you’ve received from others.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for a secure way to send messages, make calls, and protect photos and contacts should see what CoverMe can offer.

What’s it like? Check out Snapchat and Private Message Box for more messaging options that can keep your communications private.

Word Lens Translator update ($4.99)

Word Lens TranslatorWhat’s it about? Instantly translate signs, menus and other written text from one language to the other using your mobile device’s camera and Word Lens Translator.

What’s cool? Word Lens is a great app for travelers who need quick information about the world around them in places where they don’t speak the language. The app lets you easily translate printed text, like signs or menus, from one language to the other. Word Lens works using your Android device’s camera, allowing you to aim the lens at the words you want to read. The translation appears on your device’s screen as if you were preparing to take a picture. Just note that you’ll need to purchase language packs for various translations. The latest update to Word Lens Translator adds Android tablet support to the app’s features.

Who’s it for? If you’re traveling somewhere in which you don’t speak the language, Word Lens can be an invaluable app for dealing with things like finding bathrooms or picking food at restaurants.

What’s it like? Your Android device can be used as a translator with other apps, such as Google Translate and Menu Translator.

Dark Project ($3.16)

Dark ProjectWhat’s it about? A top-down shooter meant to be played in the dark, Dark Project has players fighting through a darkened research base, fighting off mutants and zombies along the way.

What’s cool? Players of Dark Project are tasked with entering a research base on a distant planet, where a team of scientists has gone missing as they test to see if the planet can be made habitable. The base itself is dark and desolate, but it’s not uninhabited – in fact, it’s full of monsters, mutants, zombies and other enemies players have to fight off as they explore the dark with a flashlight and a gun. Dark Project includes 11 different levels to play through and six weapons to find and use against bad guys.

Who’s it for? Players who like shooters with great graphics will want to check out Dark Project.

What’s it like? For more great shooters, grab Dead On Arrival 2 and The Walking Dead Assault.