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New Android apps worth downloading: Spendee, Xbox One Smartglass, Pirates Journey: Caribbean

by Andrew Koziara

Spendee is a slick and simple new personal finances app to help you shed some light on your own spending habits and finances. Xbox One Smartglass is the new second screen experience for the new generation, letting you control and interact with your Xbox One through your tablet. Pirates Journey: Caribbean is a rum and booty fueled multiplayer online tower defense game with other strategy elements.

Looking for even more apps for tracking pesonal finances? Try these.

Spendee (Free)

What’s it about? Spendee is an awesome new app for managing, tracking, and graphing your personal finances.Spendee1

What’s cool? Divided up into categories like, home, car, travel, food, family/personal, and others, it’s easy as pie to manage how your money is being spent and where it’s being spent. Every time you get gas, eat out, or go grocery shopping, you just add that transaction to the appropriate area. You can also edit, amend, or create new categories to better reflect your own life and spending. It’s a beautiful looking app with a colorful, easy to use interface, and the graphs and charts that you can create are simple and easy to read. You can also snap photos of your bills and invoices to keep track of those easier too.

Who’s it for? People who want to be a little bit smarter about their spending.

What’s it like? Personal Finance is pretty much the other go-to for this service.



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Xbox One Smartglass (Free)

What’s it about? A new second screen experience for a new console generation, Xbox One Smartglass lets you control and interact with your Xbox One.XboxOneSmartglass1

What’s cool? Xbox Smartglass was the second screen app for the Xbox 360, and while it worked pretty well, it came late in the console’s life cycle, and was something of an afterthought. Or, you could look at it as a prototype for the Xbox One Smartglass. The Xbox One was designed with the second screen experience in mind, and should be much more comprehensive and useful. With Xbox One Smartglass, you’ll be able to navigate the Xbox Live dashboard, control various media like Netflix, manage your friends, achievements, and more. It’s free, so if you’ve got the system, give it a look!

Who’s it for? Anyone who owns both an android phone or tablet, and an Xbox One!

What’s it like? The original Xbox Smartglass. Also, the Playstation App, which is Sony’s equivalent.



Looking for even more pirate games? Try these.

Pirates Journey: Caribbean(Free)

What’s it about? On online tower defense and strategy hybrid game focused on multiplayer and more pirates than you can shake a bottle of rum at.PiratesJourneyCaribbean1

What’s cool? While not unheard of, games that take tower defense style gameplay and rework it for multiplayer are still a rare breed, though they’re getting more and more popular. Pirates Journey: Caribbean from developer Seven Pirates is just such a game. In it, you’ll build up and expand your own unique pirate cove, while taking bands of plundering pirates out to attack other coves and reap their treasure. There are different Hero units to employ with different play styles. It’s a freemium game, with loads of in-app purchases, but it’s still a rollicking good time. There’s a lot of focus on the online aspect, and things get easier if you join a league of pirate lords.

Who’s it for? People who enjoy simple strategy and tower defense games, or social freemium games that involve a lot of player versus player.

What’s it like? Other tower defense/strategy hybrids include City Conquest HD and Cubemen