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New Android apps worth downloading: Cal for Android, VSCO Cam, Dead Trigger 2 update

by Phil Hornshaw

Get organized and make your calendar smarter with today's first app worth downloading, Cal for Android. The smart calendar app integrates with to-do list app to pay attention to your tasks and make working through your schedule easier and more efficient. We've also got VSCO Cam, a mobile camera app that brings lots of processing capabilities to allow users to make their photos even more awesome. Finally comes first-person zombie shooter Dead Trigger 2, which has been updated with new mission and environments.

Cal for Android (Free)

Cal for AndroidWhat’s it about? Smart calendar Cal brings all kinds of useful features to your scheduling, allowing you to quickly schedule events, check when you have things going on even (including event invitations from social networks), and how long it'll take you to get there.

What’s cool? Cal comes from the makers of to-do list app, and it brings a lot of smart features from that line of thinking along with it. The app integrates with other features to become more than just a calendar – it automatically adds your tasks to your calendar, and lets you know when is good for scheduling events when you pull it up, what nearby places might be good to use to meet, and more. The app also does nifty things like calculate when you should leave for an event based on traffic information, and includes photo backgrounds for a visually pleasant experience when using the app.

Who’s it for? If you could use more organization in their calendar, check out what Cal can do for you.

What’s it like? You might also want to grab to-do list app to use its capabilities in tandem with Cal.

VSCO Cam (Free)

VSCO CamWhat’s it about? Popular camera app VSCO Cam has made the jump from iPhone to Android, bringing with it the app's full range of elements like filters and editing tools.

What’s cool? There might be a lot of camera apps like VSCO Cam in the Google Play Store, but that doesn't mean they're all created equal. VSCO Cam packs a number of cool processing capabilities that make digital photos even cooler. You can quickly and easily edit your photos and add filters, then compare the finished product with the original to make sure you're getting exactly what you want. VSCO Cam lets you adjust the intensity of your effects to get the look you want, and allows the ability to add info to images like location data, as well as to quickly upload your shots to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Who’s it for? Anyone who's into mobile photography should grab VSCO Cam and see what the iPhone crowd has been enjoying.

What’s it like? Other great mobile photography apps include Instagram and Camera Awesome.

Dead Trigger 2 update (Free)

Dead Trigger 2What’s it about? Blast your way through the zombie apocalypse in first-person shooter Dead Trigger 2, which packs intense 3-D graphics and an expanded story over its predecessor.

What’s cool? Cutting-edge graphics and tons of zombies to kill mark Dead Trigger 2, the latest in the first-person shooter franchise about a group of resistance fighters holding out against the undead uprising. The game has been greatly expanded over the original Dead Trigger, with a story that unfolds in real time as you fight your way through the hordes. You'll also find lots of new enemies to kill with a slate of new guns, and players also get new capabilities to craft their own, more powerful weapons. Dead Trigger 2's new update brings some balancing tweaks to bring down the game's difficulty a bit, as well as new African environments to fight through and more sniping and helicopter-based missions to play.

Who’s it for? Fans of first-person shooters who want to take on some zombies and see what kind of graphical horsepower their Android devices pack will want to grab Dead Trigger 2.

What’s it like? You might also be interested in the original Dead Trigger, as well as other great shooters, such as Modern Combat 4.