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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Translate update, GetYourGuide Tours Activities, Polarity

by Phil Hornshaw

We've got a couple great apps for the travel-minded in today's Apps Worth Downloading haul. First up is an update to Google Translate, which makes it even easier to translate between two languages with support for interpreting a bilingual conversation. After that is GetYourGuide, a travel agent-like app that's great for finding things to do wherever you go. Last but not least is Polarity, a first-person puzzle game that's great for playing on the plane to your next destination.

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Google Translate update (Free)

Google TranslateWhat’s it about? Use Google Translate to quickly translate words and phrases – whether typed, written or spoken – from one language to another.

What’s cool? Whenever you might need language translation, Google Translate looks to be the app you utilize. It supports a ton of languages and includes features like the ability to type or speak words and phrases to have them translated instantly. With the latest update, you can also now have bilingual conversations, with Google Translate acting as interpreter, and the app also now includes camera translation, so you can use your device's camera on things like sings and get instant translations. The app also supports offline translations and cloud support that lets you access your translations from any device.

Who’s it for? If you're someone who has need to quick, useful translations in a whole lot of languages, check out Google Translate.

What’s it like? More translations are available from Word Lens Translator and Easy Language Translator.

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GetYourGuide Tours Activities (Free)

GetYourGuide Tours ActivitiesWhat’s it about? Find and book all kinds of activities when traveling using GetYourGuide.

What’s cool? GetYourGuide is like having a virtual travel agent in your Android device. You can search for things to do in just about any place you want to travel, and use the app to book things like tours with a guarantee for competitive prices. You can also read reviews of different places, tours and events, so you can make informed decisions about what you want to do and where you want to go, and you can leave your own reviews for the things you liked (or maybe didn't). You can also use GetYourGuide to save activities for later and use your device's GPS to find activities near you when you're traveling.

Who’s it for? Travelers, GetYourGuide can help you make the most out of your next trip.

What’s it like? TripAdvisor and Viator Tours & Activities are both useful for taking care of travel and finding stuff to do when you're out in the world.

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Polarity ($4.78)

PolarityWhat’s it about? Polarity is a first-person puzzler in which players take control of elements like gravity, avoid deadly obstacles, and move through a strange, futuristic vault on a quest to destroy it.

What’s cool? Much like titles such as Portal, Polarity is a puzzle game that is played completely from the first-person perspective. Players move through the game's strange, neon-accented vault as a hacker looking to take the whole operation down. Along the way, you'll need to do things like platforming puzzles, adjust gravity to get to areas you couldn't otherwise reach, and complete other strange puzzles that change the way you'll interact with the game's space. The game also has an interesting look and a big sense of scale, with players moving through huge rooms and areas as they try to solve all of Polarity's puzzles.

Who’s it for? Players who like interesting puzzles and intriguing storylines should check out Polarity.

What’s it like? For a horror take on a similar subject, check out Eyes – The Horror Game.