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New Android apps worth downloading: WhitePages and ESPN SportsCenter updates, Hunger Games: Panem Run

by Phil Hornshaw

It’s all about information with our first apps worth downloading this week. First up is an updated WhitePages, which brings users information like phone numbers for individuals, info about various businesses, and features like reverse phone number lookup to figure out who’s calling you. After that, we’ve got EPSN SportsCenter, an information hub of news, scores and analysis for sports fans that’s been updated from its former incarnation, ESPN ScoreCenter. Finally, for your gaming pleasure comes Hunger Games: Panem Run, an endless runner tie-in with the new film, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

WhitePages update (Free)

WhitePagesWhat’s it about? Find people and businesses with a digital version of the phone book in WhitePages.

What’s cool? Like the book it’s named after, WhitePages is a reference guide for finding businesses and people, especially useful for tracking down phone numbers. The app includes a huge phone directory of listed people to help you find the number for someone you need to contact, and also allows users to find out who’s calling them and cut down on spam phone calls with reverse phone number lookup capabilities. You can also use WhitePages to find information on businesses, get directions and view things like menus for local restaurants. WhitePages’ latest update adds an improved visual design to make the app easier to navigate, and includes a huge new Search History to help you find things you’ve already looked up in the past.

Who’s it for? Anyone who finds themselves looking for information, either about individuals or businesses, should check out WhitePages.

What’s it like? More phone numbers and info can be found in YP Local Search & Gas Prices and Yelp.

ESPN SportsCenter update (Free)

ESPN SportsCenterWhat’s it about? Formerly known as ScoreCenter, ESPN SportsCenter brings users all kinds of sports news, live scores, video highlights and sports analysis.

What’s cool? All kinds of sports news and information are available in the newly renamed and updated ESPN SportsCenter. You’ll find live score updates for all your favorite teams and any game you want to know about, and the app also brings a whole lot of sports content beyond that, including videos with highlights from games you missed and in-depth analysis about players and match-ups. You’ll also get breaking news and information about various teams and notifications about anything you’re interested in when it comes to your favorite teams. SportsCenter’s latest update changes its name from ScoreCenter and adds speedier navigation, favorite teams, a “clubhouse” section that brings content just about your teams, and an inbox for news alerts and score updates.

Who’s it for? Sports fans, ESPN SportsCenter is all about keeping you informed and connected.

What’s it like? More sports information and news is available from Yahoo Sports and theScore.

Hunger Games: Panem Run (Free)

Hunger Games: Panem RunWhat’s it about? Sprint through the 12 districts of Panem in Hunger Games: Panem Run, the official tie-in game with the film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

What’s cool? Where the last Hunger Games title was a side-scrolling running title, Hunger Games: Panem Run brings back the endless runner feel, but from a third-person, behind-the-back perspective. Players tear through the 12 districts of The Hunger Games world, dodging enemies and obstacles and racking up as many materials as possible to upgrade their characters. You’ll also engage in a little light archery as you run through different areas, all executed by tapping targets or swiping in the right direction. Each district has a different look and feel, but Panem Run mostly just hits that tried-and-true spot of being addictive and easy to play for a few minutes at a time.

Who’s it for? If you’re into The Hunger Games, you can scratch the itch for Catching Fire a bit with Panem Run.

What’s it like? Try another great tie-in endless runner in Temple Run: Oz, and snag Rayman Fiesta Run for another quality runner experience.