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New Android apps worth downloading: Dropbox update, Moxtra, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

by Phil Hornshaw

Sharing documents and collaborating with others is the name of the game on today's Apps Worth Downloading list. First up, we have Dropbox, a cloud-based storage solution that lets you upload files to the cloud and access them from your Android device, or share them with others, to let you work with others from anywhere. In a similar vein is Moxtra, a collaboration app that lets you share documents, annotate them, and create meetings and chats so that everyone has the same info at the same time. Finally, in the games department comes Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, a gamebook-style title that lets players choose how a narrative unfolds, but which also includes 3-D interactive portions for combat and more.

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Dropbox update (Free)

DropboxWhat’s it about? Save files to the cloud and access them from your Android device using Dropbox.

What’s cool? Getting hold of files and documents on your Android device when you’re away from your computer, which is why Dropbox is so handy. The cloud-based storage service lets you upload photos, music, documents and more to the Internet, and then access them from your Android devices using Wi-Fi or a data connection. You can also easily share those documents with other users through email or web links. Dropbox’s new update lets you send documents and photos to your device’s contacts, and brings a new notification feed to the app, as well.

Who’s it for? Anyone who wishes they could easily access documents from their Android device should check out Dropbox.

What’s it like? You can get more cloud-sharing capabilities from Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive Photos.



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Moxtra (Free)

MoxtraWhat’s it about? Interact with other users by sharing and annotating documents, posting comments and chatting using the collaborative features of Moxtra.

What’s cool? Moxtra is a means of collaborating on projects and documents with others, like members of your work team, and allows you to interact with people through common documents. You can save and share items on Moxtra’s cloud servers, which you can then annotate with other users, collaborate on and discuss. You can also add more content from remote computers, and makes it easy to have voice meetings so everyone has the right material in front of them to talk about and look over. The app also supports other handy features, like the ability to send view-only documents to others through email or social networks like Facebook.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking to collaborate with others on documents or projects, Moxtra can help make it easy to do so.

What’s it like? Check out more collaboration capabilities in apps like Evernote and Skitch.

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Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf ($4.99)

Joe Dever's Lone WolfWhat’s it about? A storybook game with a little more going on, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf has players making choices to determine how a story unfolds as it's written, but also contains some action.

What’s cool? Lone Wolf is primarily a sort of fantasy “gamebook” title, in which the story is told like an unfolding book. At key points, players reach junctions where they have to make decisions – does my character take time to carefully assess a situation, perhaps at the expense of speedily reaching people in need, or does he charge in headlong at high risk? Those kinds of decisions pepper the story and let the user create the narrative as they go along. But Lone Wolf isn't all text – it also includes 3-D graphics and interactive portions in which players have to go into battle against enemies, or do smaller activities like pick locks to open doors. Touch controls make battles feel intuitive, and Lone Wolf's graphical style will keep players engaged in this tale.

Who’s it for? Fans of classic Lone Wolf titles and anyone who likes well-told interactive stories should check out Lone Wolf.

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