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New Android apps worth downloading: Helpouts, Dayframe, Luxuria Superbia

by Phil Hornshaw

Need a hand with something? Try today's first app worth downloading, Helpouts, which can connect users who need help with others who can instruct them on lots of different topics. We've also got Dayframe, an app that turns your device into a digital picture frame that can pull content from Instagram, Facebook and more. Finally, Luxuria Superbia is a game about beauty, in which players must carefully use touch controls to react to cues in what they see.

Helpouts (Free)

HelpoutsWhat’s it about? As the name suggests, Helpouts is all about connecting people who need help with people who can give it, across a variety of topics.

What’s cool? It's possible to find a ton of videos on the Internet that can provide help with any given topic, but they're not always enough to allow some people to learn or solve problems. Helpouts takes the concept of online help videos a step further by working to connect people in its community who need help with those who can provide it. Helpouts includes a number of topics about which users can find assistance from other users, and the app connects them through live video chat to make solving problems as easy as possible. Just note that users looking for help will sometimes have to pay for it.

Who’s it for? If you could use a hand on lots of different topics and want the convenience of someone who knows to connect with you over your Android device, Helpouts is for you.

What’s it like? You can use other apps to get help from friends and others as well, like ScreenShare and Viewer.

Dayframe (Free)

DayframeWhat’s it about? Turn your Android device into a photo viewer frame with Dayframe, which lets you access local photos for your frame as well as those on the Internet.

What’s cool? Taking photos with your Android device is fun and useful, but not if others can't see them, which is why Dayframe definitely has its uses. The app lets you turn your Android device into a digital photo frame, in which you can change the photos and set up slideshows. The cool thing is, Dayframe can use the photos actually found on the device, or it can drag them in from online sources such as Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox. You can even tune Dayframe to pick up photos from the Internet from a party or event as its happening.

Who’s it for? Anyone who might want to display photos on their devices, especially those from the Internet that are not as easily accessible, should grab Dayframe.

What’s it like? You can also display your images with Digital Photo Frame Slideshow and Photo Slides.

Luxuria Superbia ($3.99)

Luxuria SuperbiaWhat’s it about? Musical game Luxuria Superbia is something of a relaxing title about touch and joy, in which players have to use touch to add color to flowers by carefully reacting to visual cues.

What’s cool? Luxuria Superbia is actually a metaphor for more intimate interactions with other humans, but as a game it's something of a fascinating thing. You begin with a flower on the screen that includes no color, and you can gradually add color to petals by touching them. Music and visual flow are a big part of the gameplay, in which you need to keep tabs on petals you've already colored as you attend to others. The goal is to pay attention to the cues of the flower in each level to learn the right ways to interact with it. Luxuria Superbia also includes dynamic music that changes as you play and interact with the game, and supports a second player to change things up a bit.

Who’s it for? Fans of casual games with a focus on creating positive feelings and depicting beauty should check out Luxuria Superbia.

What’s it like? Check out developer Tale of Tales' other titles, Vanitas and The Graveyard.