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New Android apps worth downloading: FCC Speed Test, Agent P DoofenDash, Challenges

by Phil Hornshaw

We're kicking off today's Apps Worth Downloading column with FCC Speed Test, an app that can help you find the speed and stats of your broadband Internet connection, and which doubles by helping out the FCC in finding accurate wireless coverage and broadband speeds. Following that is Agent P DoofenDash, an endless runner based on characters from “Phineas and Ferb.” Finally, Challenges lets you find out how smart you really are, especially compared to others, as you figure out its logic-based puzzles without hints or help.

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FCC Speed Test (Free)

FCC Speed TestWhat’s it about? Measure the data speed of your wireless network in different areas, both to make sure you're getting the service you need and want, and to help the FCC make accurate coverage maps.

What’s cool? Despite the fact that they're heavily used in marketing, those coverage maps you see from wireless carriers are pretty inaccurate, at best. Meanwhile, the Federal Communication Commission is attempting to gather data using FCC Speed Test to get a real picture of broadband coverage all over the country, and you can help. Using the app gives you lots of statistics about your wireless coverage, like download and upload speeds, and also lets you see real-time performance of your device, as well as how it has done historically in different places. All that data can be shared privately with the FCC, too, which can help provide everyone with accurate wireless network information.

Who’s it for? Any smartphone user who wants to help out the rest of us – plus get accurate broadband network information about their devices – should check out FCC Speed Test.

What’s it like? You can get other speed test apps in Speed Tests and Internet Speed Test.

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Agent P DoofenDash (Free)

Agent P DoofenDashWhat’s it about? Battle Dr. Doofenshmirtz as Perry the Platypus and a number of other different characters from the “Phineas and Ferb” cartoons in endless runner Agent P DoofenDash.

What’s cool? Agent P has been called back into action once against in Agent P DoofenDash, based on the cartoon show “Phineas and Ferb.” As Perry the Platypus, also known as Agent P, it's your mission to run through levels and dodge obstacles, all while collecting coins and battling Dr. Doof and his various evil inventions. You'll also be able to unlock other agents to play as along the way, and battle friends using the game's online leaderboards to find out who is actually the greatest animal secret agent of them all.

Who’s it for? Fans of Perry and anyone who enjoys casual arcade titles and endless runners will get a kick out of Agent P DoofenDash.

What’s it like? Temple Run 2 has a similar approach to the genre, and you'll find more Agent P in Where's My Perry?.


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Challenges ($0.99)

ChallengesWhat’s it about? Challenges is a puzzler in which the player gets no instruction or tips, and must solve various problems in each level.

What’s cool? Most puzzle games tell you the rules before you set out, but in Challenges, figuring out the rules of each level of the puzzler is part of the puzzle. You'll face various levels that will test your pattern recognition and logic skills, with the idea of testing how smart you really are – albeit in a fun way. The game also graphically shows you where you stack up against other players, and the developers plan to add additional levels in the future based on how many downloads the game garners.

Who’s it for? If you like puzzlers and testing your own intelligence, you might want to test yourself with Challenges.

What’s it like? Get some more challenging puzzles out of Sudoku Hard and Really Hard Puzzle.