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New Android apps worth downloading: PlayStation App, Adobe Reader update, GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

by Phil Hornshaw

Did you grab a PlayStation 4 this weekend? If you can tear yourself away from your next-generation gaming machine, use the time to download the PlayStation App. It’s today’s first app worth downloading, and gives you remote access to things like your friends list and the PlayStation Network. Following that is an update to Adobe Reader, which brings the PDF reader some usability improvements and new paid features. Finally, there’s GT Racing: The Real Car Exp, a racing title that puts an emphasis on realism and which packs tons of real cars for you to race.

PlayStation App (Free)

PlayStation AppWhat’s it about? Access your new PlayStation 4 remotely to view what your friends are doing, what they’re playing, and interact with them, as well as to control elements of your PS4.

What’s cool? Last week saw the release of Sony’s new PlayStation 4, and with it comes a newly redesigned PlayStation App that lets you interact with your console even when you’re not in front of it. The app includes the ability to turn on and off your PlayStation, as well as to shop the online PlayStation Network, buy games, and download them to your device even when you’re away. You can also see what friends are up to and chat with them, and the app even provides second-screen functionality with some games and features.

Who’s it for? If you just picked up a PlayStation 4, you’re definitely going to want to get the additional capabilities of the PlayStation App.

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Adobe Reader update (Free)

Adobe ReaderWhat’s it about? Read PDFs and other documents on your Android device with Adobe Reader, as well as share them, annotate them, and more.

What’s cool? If you need to read PDF documents, Adobe Reader is the app with which to do it. Just like on the web, it’s free and takes care of the simplest needs when it comes to PDFs, making them quick and easy to share and page over. The app is optimized for the reading experience, making it possible to lock brightness, scan over a document as a single continuous page, and zoom in and out as necessary. Adobe Reader’s latest update adds support for its PDF Pack services, which allow you to do things like create your own PDFs, annotate existing documents and export documents to other programs like Excel or Word – just note that those are paid services. Other improvements, like better text search, are part of the free app.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for PDF reading and creation capabilities, check out what Adobe Reader has on offer.

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GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp (Free)

GT Racing 2: The Real Car ExpWhat’s it about? GT Racer 2 goes for an authentic racing feel by letting users drive and customize real cars on real-life courses, with features like simulated weather and realistic driving conditions.

What’s cool? There are lots of racers out there in the mobile gaming sphere, and they run the gamut of experiences, from the arcade style to experiences that try for something a little more true-to-life. GT Racing 2 is on the latter end of the spectrum, with an aim toward realism by providing players with real cars to race on real tracks – some 67 cars, in fact. You’ll customize your cars so you can compete in more than 1,400 racing events on 13 different tracks. GT Racing 2 includes a new physics engine to better simulate how cars react on the road realistically, and the game packs four different potential weather conditions that can have a serious effect on your races. There’s also online multiplayer support, allowing you to challenge friends’ times or join together as a team to complete goals together.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of racing and want the most realistic experience you can get, check out GT Racing 2.

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