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New Android apps worth downloading: Evernote update, Poshmark - Buy & Sell Fashion, Anomaly 2

by Phil Hornshaw

An update to the ever-useful note-taking app Evernote kicks off today's Apps Worth Downloading, bringing more capabilities to users who want to save notes, record voice memos, or snap photos of notebook pages and other documents and annotate them. Following that is Poshmark, a fashion app that lets users sell off old clothes from their closets while shopping the offerings of other users. Finally, Anomaly 2 puts players in control of military vehicles as they fight alien emplacements in a reverse tower defense formula.

Evernote update (Free)

EvernoteWhat’s it about? Create and save notes of all kinds, from text you jot down to voice memos, across multiple devices and the cloud with Evernote.

What’s cool? Using your Android device to jot down things you need to remember, ideas, brainstorms and the like can be extremely convenient, especially with Evernote in hand. The note-taking app has its storage based in the cloud, which means you can take notes on any device and have them sync with any other device. You can also take a variety of notes, ranging from quick voice memos to to-do lists and annotated pictures. Evernote's great for snapping a picture of a chalk board in class and adding your own reminders, or syncing a grocery list so you don't forget. Its latest update adds summary pages to PDFs that contain markups, allows you to choose between notebooks you're keeping within the app for faster access, and improves the app's “Page Camera” feature.

Who’s it for? If you ever take notes on your phone and want to make it more useful and efficient as a tool, you're going to want to grab Evernote.

What’s it like? Try Evernote's other cool apps, Skitch and Evernote Food, as well.

Poshmark – Buy & Sell Fashion (Free)

Poshmark - Buy & Sell FashionWhat’s it about? Poshmark lets users sell clothes and other items from their own closets to other users, and buy great items that others are ready to part with as well.

What’s cool? Think of Poshmark kind of like a mobile eBay for fashion. The app first lets you turn into a seller, putting up for sale the clothes and accessories crowding your closet that arne't for you anymore. Second, it lets you become a buyer, because just as you're clearing out old stuff, you can find tons of other users who are doing the same – and might have something that appeals to you. The app also includes online shopping parties where users can meet up to grab interesting new items and interact with the community, and you can do the other cool social network things you like, such as marking items as favorites and sharing them with others.

Who’s it for? Fashionistas who hope to move out old items from their closets, while finding cool new ones, should check out Poshmark.

What’s it like? More fashion shopping is available with Snapette and Fashion Freax Street Styles.

Anomaly 2 ($4.99)

Anomaly 2What’s it about? Guide your convoy of military vehicles through enemy territory in Anomaly 2, protecting them as they fight of alien defenses in a reverse take on tower defense.

What’s cool? There are tons of tower defense games on mobile platforms, but the Anomaly franchise does something interesting with the formula by putting players in control of not the towers, but the attackers. Your job in Anomaly 2 is to guide a convoy of powerful military vehicles past enemy towers, destroying them along the way and fighting to stay alive. The strategy elements have you planning your path for maximum efficiency and safety, while the action elements of the game require you to deploy items to repair your vehicles and distract enemies, or to morph your vehicles into secondary forms in different tactical situations.

Who’s it for? If you like tower defense titles, you'll want to try being on the other side of the equation in Anomaly 2's vehicles.

What’s it like? Check out the other games in the Anomaly franchise: Anomaly: Warzone Earth and Anomaly Korea.