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New Android apps worth downloading: RoadNinja and Zedge updates, Burn the Lot

by Phil Hornshaw

Heading out on the road anytime soon? You'll want to be sure to pack RoadNinja, an app that tells you what's coming up at freeway exits ahead of you and is great for a road trip. It's our first fresh app today, followed by Zedge, a database of wallpapers and ringtones that's great if you're looking for something Thanksgiving-themed to customize your Android device. Finally, we have Burn the Lot, a third-person shooter in which players have to stop evil carnies from taking over the galaxy.

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RoadNinja update (Free)

RoadNinjaWhat’s it about? Find the right places to stop for whatever you need on the road with RoadNinja, which uses your device's GPS capabilities to tell you what's upcoming freeway offramps.

What’s cool? The tough part about road trips is never knowing when the next bathroom is – or restaurant, rest stop, or point of interest, for that matter. Sure, there are signs, but they're not always accurate, which is where RoadNinja comes in. The app brings you information about what's coming down the road as you drive, so you know where to stop for gas and get the best prices, where you can exit to eat, and where the coolest roadside attractions are on your way. The app has just been updated with more interstates and exits, and now provides information about hotel fares near you.

Who’s it for? If you're going to be on the road, you're going to want to grab RoadNinja.

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There are loads of ringtone and wallpaper apps on the Google Play store.

Zedge update (Free)

ZedgeWhat’s it about? Download tons of free ringtones and wallpapers from Zedge's huge database, and even play games through the app.

What’s cool? Zedge is a monstrous database where you can find all kinds of cool, free bits of content to use to customize your Android device. The app is filled with free wallpapers, including HD and live wallpaper versions, and ringtones and notification sounds you can download to your device, including a number with a Thanksgiving theme as the holidays approach quickly. You'll also find a games channel where you can play a number of casual titles. Zedge's latest update brings a redesign to browsing through wallpapers and ringtones, as well as a number of performance enhancements throughout the app.

Who’s it for? If you're looking for ways to customize your Android device with wallpapers and sounds, especially if you want something festive, check out what Zedge has to offer.

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Burn the Lot ($0.99)

Burn the LotWhat’s it about? Third-person shooter Burn the Lot puts players on a series of round, planet-shaped levels with tons of different weapons with which to take down baddies.

What’s cool? Interstellar carnies are looking to turn the entire galaxy into a giant evil carnival, and it's your job to stop them in Burn the Lot. Wielding weapons ranging from flamethrowers to throwing knives, you'll need to fight through some 30 story driven levels of third-person shooter mayhem, as you take down various types of enemies. Each level in Burn the Lot takes place on one of three small, themed planet, so you'll move over round locations as you fight through areas set in Old West, South of the Border, and Miner themes.

Who’s it for? If you like twin-stick shooters with 3-D graphics and a bit of goofiness, you're going to want to try Burn the Lot.

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