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New Android apps worth downloading: Splitwise, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, Tank Battles

by Phil Hornshaw

Start the week by keeping track of who you owe and who owes you using Splitwise, our first app worth downloading today. It lets you quickly split up bills among roommates, track IOUs, and more. We've also got some games to kill your productivity first thing Monday: first up is Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, a management sim from the makers of Tiny Tower that has you building a fun residential and economic haven for galactic patrons, so that you can use the money to fund the Empire's military aims. And finally comes Tank Battles, a top-down game that's all about, you guessed it, driving a tank and blasting other tanks.

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Splitwise (Free)

SplitwiseWhat’s it about? Calculate easy splits for bills, keep track of IOUs, and generally make life easier when living with other people using Splitwise.

What’s cool? Living with roommates can often mean splitting bills, covering each other's expenses for short periods, and lots and lots of math and money management. Splitwise is an app that looks to make all that stuff easier by allowing roommates to keep track of who pays what and who owes whom. You can use the app to quickly split bills between people, or figure out larger costs per person, like group vacations. Splitwise is also great for keeping track of when someone covers you so you can be sure to pay them back later (and vice versa).

Who’s it for? Anyone who could use a hand splitting bills and keeping track of IOUs will want to give Splitwise a shot.

What’s it like? Check out My Budget Book and Receipt Ninja for more apps for managing bills and money and quickly splitting checks.



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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star (Free)

Star Wars: Tiny Death StarWhat’s it about? Build the ultimate Death Star by constructing and managing residential levels and businesses, and use the money they generate to fund the Empire's plans in Tiny Death Star.

What’s cool? From the makers of Tiny Tower comes Tiny Death Star, which is, in essence, a lot like Tiny Tower but with Star Wars characters. Players construct a tower by adding levels on top of each other, and specializing each of those levels to a specific purpose – like residential to attract people to live in the Death Star, and businesses to give those people jobs and earn money. But the money you earn has a more sinister purpose, because you'll use it to construct hidden “Imperial” levels, where the Death Star does things like interrogations and runs its tractor beams. Add to that missions from the Emperor himself, and plenty of cameos from tons of Star Wars characters, and Tiny Death Star becomes a pretty addicting game for Star Wars fans.

Who’s it for? Whether you're a Star Wars fanatic or just a casual fan of management simulations, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a hard game to put down.

What’s it like? Be sure to check out the original Tiny Tower, and grab Angry Birds Star Wars for more tie-in fixes from a galaxy far, far away.

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Tank Battles (Free)

Tank BattlesWhat’s it about? Hop in a tank and blast other players in Tank Battles, a top-down multiplayer title with tons of explosions.

What’s cool? The premise of Tank Battles is pretty simple to understand from its name. Whether in the game's full-fledged single-player campaign, or in challenging other players in online multiplayer, you'll fight tons of battles in your tank from a top-down, third-person perspective. Tank Battles packs some 80 levels to play through, and you can earn customizations for your tank to make it more effective in battle (as well as more awesome-looking, as well). You can also play multiplayer matches with teammates, or blast away in free-for-all-style deathmatches.

Who’s it for? Fans of online competition and fast-paced action will want to check out Tank Battles.

What’s it like? You might also be interested in top-down shooter Gun Bros Multiplayer, and the onilne matches you can play in other Gameloft games, such as Blitz Brigade.