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New Android apps worth downloading: JumpCam - Friends Video Camera, YoBelly, Shape Jam

by Phil Hornshaw

Head out to events this week and create collaborative videos of your experience with your friends using today's first fresh app, JumpCam. It lets you and friends upload video clips together to create a collaborative video from all of them that you can then edit. We've also got YoBelly, a restaurant recommendation app that pushes you to try food based on the things you like and the tastes involved. Finally, there's Shape Jam, a multiplayer matching game with simple but tricky rules that up the challenge.

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JumpCam – Friends Video Camera (Free)

JumpCam - Friends Video CameraWhat’s it about? Create collaborative videos with friends using JumpCam, which allows multiple users to add clips to the same video file.

What’s cool? JumpCam is a great way to let multiple users create a definitive video experience from an event. If you and your pals all went to a wedding or a concert, for example, and shot video, you'd each have an incomplete experience – the footage would only be what each of you saw. JumpCam lets you collaborate to create a video from clips both you and your friends share by creating a video in the cloud, where each of you can upload and edit your own clips. The app also packs video filters you can utilize on your footage and makes it easy to add music and edit, and you can share your completed videos on the web or across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Who’s it for? Users who want to share and create videos with their friends should check out JumpCam's easy editing capabilities.

What’s it like? You can make more collaborative videos with WeVideo.

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YoBelly (Free)

YoBellyWhat’s it about? YoBelly looks to answer the question of “What do you want to eat?” once and for all by providing personalized restaurant recommendations.

What’s cool? There are tons of apps that look to help users find the perfect restaurant at which to get food at the moment the user wants it, but they all often rely on the opinions of others. YoBelly instead looks at what you are like and recommends foods based on their taste pallet, even suggesting dishes across cuisines, rather than just pointing users in the direction of the nearest Italian or Indian restaurant and letting them go. The app also brings recommendations from users who have are similar to you, not just those who you like or are already friends with.

Who’s it for? If you struggle deciding where to eat with friends, try YoBelly's brand of food recommendations.

What’s it like? More restaurant reviews and recommendations are available from RoundMenu Restaurants and Urbanspoon.


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Shape Jam (Free)

Shape JamWhat’s it about? Matching game Shape Jam challengers players to find as many matching groups of three shapes from a board as possible, but it employs some tricky rules that amp up its difficulty.

What’s cool? By now, most mobile game players have tried out hundreds of shape-matching games, but few are quite as deviously clever as Shape Jam. Each “board” of shapes, arranged on a grid, contains blocks with different colors, shapes and numbers on each. You need to make matches that either contain the same number of shapes on each tile, or all different numbers of shapes. It's simple and yet tricky, and Shape Jam ups the ante by letting you challenge other players and friends to matches in which you see who can make the most total matches across three rounds of play.

Who’s it for? If you like casual puzzle games and the chance to compete against other players, check out Shape Jam.

What’s it like? Check out Matching With Friends and Tetrocrate for more puzzling fun with shapes.