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New Android apps worth downloading: MyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTD, Thor: TWD - The Official Game, Crash Test Monkeys

by Phil Hornshaw

Accomplish your long-term goals and get your to-do lists organized with MyEffectivenessHabits. The app brings motivation, effective goal planning and more to your to-do lists, and kicks off today's apps worth downloading selection. In between checking off to-do list items, we've got a couple of games for you to play, as well: Thor: TDW, the official game of the upcoming movie and a top-down action-role-playing games, and Crash Test Monkeys, a more casual motorbike-platformer in which players try to perform as many stunts as possible.

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MyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTD (Free)

MyEffectivenessHabits Todo GTDWhat’s it about? Find motivation and the tools you need to succeed with MyEffectivenessHabits, a to-do list app that looks to be a little something more than a simple list.

What’s cool? With so many to-do list apps out there in the mobile sphere, the cool ones really need to stand out. MyEffectivenessHabits looks to be more than just a simple list, providing users with the organization, goals and nudges to actually make gradual changes in their lives. The app encourages you to define your long-term “mission,” set priorities by choosing which items are important which aren't, identify goals that are within reach, and create a comprehensive action plan to accomplish everything you want to do. All that organization and thinking about what you want to do will help you stick to your goals and accomplish more, so the thinking goes, and having a clear idea of what you want to do will help motivate you to do it.

Who’s it for? If you're looking for a to-do list app that will help you with your long-term life goals, check out MyEffectivenessHabits.

What’s it like? You can get some more simple, and useful, to-do list functionality out of Habit Streak and Wunderlist.

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Thor: TDW – The Official Game (Free)

Thor: TDW - The Official GameWhat’s it about? Take on the role of The Avengers' Thor and battle through the world of the upcoming film in Thor: The Dark World.

What’s cool? Thor: TDW is a top-down action-role-playing game, in which you'll play as the titular thunder god as he fights the evil forces of the Dark Elves, as they work to destroy the Nine Worlds. The game takes players through the realm of Asgard, and as you defeat enemies and find loot, you'll be able to upgrade Thor's weapons and armor to make him more powerful and capable. You'll also be able to fight alongside other characters from the Thor corner of the Marvel Comics universe, and summon Asgardian warriors to fight at your side as you face off against hordes of enemies and huge bosses.

Who’s it for? This one is great for fans of Thor and player who like ARPGs.

What’s it like? You might also check out Avengers Initiative and Iron Man 3 – The Official Game.

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Crash Test Monkeys (Free)

Crash Test MonkeysWhat’s it about? Guide motorbike-riding monkeys through a series of side-scrolling tracks, performing tricks and finishing as fast as possible.

What’s cool? Crash Test Monkeys is a side-scrolling platforming title, only instead of running and jumping, players and the monkeys involved in the game spend their time riding motorbikes. Each side-scrolling level is packed with points to earn and peanuts to collect, which players can snag by performing stunts and hitting things like jumps, while avoiding obstacles. Your goal is to get through levels as fast as possible and having done as many cool stunts as you can. There are four primary levels with a number of challenges to complete on each, with four additional bonus levels thrown in, as well. You can also play through tutorial levels in order to hone your skills as you work to hit gold medals on every track and every challenge.

Who’s it for? Players who dig stunts, platforming and side-scrollers will want to check out Crash Test Monkeys.

What’s it like? Grab Trials Xtreme 3 and Race Stunt Fight! Motorcycles for more games that are all about performing stunts on bikes.