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New Android apps worth downloading: Snapseed, Flyne The Offline Reader, Even Up

by Phil Hornshaw

Heading out for Halloween and intending to take lots of pictures? Download today’s first app worth downloading, Snapseed, and use the easy photo editor to improve your shots for sharing online. We’ve also got Flyne, an offline news reader that brings articles from your Feedly and Twitter feeds for convenient reading, and Even Up, a Sudoku-inspired puzzler in which you need to strategically match numbered tiles on a grid.

Snapseed (Free)

SnapseedWhat’s it about? Photo editor Snapseed lets you enhance the quality of your images, making it easy for anyone to improve their images, but also offering some deeper options for experienced users.

What’s cool? With digital photography so easy in the age of the mobile device, there are some pretty awful pictures circulating out there on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the rest of the social networks. Just because photography can be done by anyone doesn’t mean it doesn’t require skill, but you can improve on your images with the help of photo editors like Snapseed. The app lets you quickly auto-tune your photos to adjust their color saturation, brightness, and other factors, or you can get into more granular improvements by selectively adjusting specific elements in a shot, adding filters, or changing the values on different tuning controls.

Who’s it for? If you like shooting photos with your mobile devices but could stand to have them look better, see if Snapseed can help.

What’s it like? Get more photo editing capabilities with Photo Studio and Picsart.

Flyne The Offline Reader (Free)

Flyne The Offline ReaderWhat’s it about? Flyne is a news feed reader that brings you articles from your favorite news sources and isn’t beholden to an Internet connection.

What’s cool? Paging through all the content on the Internet to find good articles to read can be tough without a filter, and Flyne looks to take that filter position by putting one handy feature at a premium: the ability to read without an online Internet connection. The app works by grabbing full articles from the Internet so you can read them offline, using your article categories from Feedly and finding articles from your Twitter feed. The result is a list of the articles you care about from the sources you already read, thanks to integration with your Feedly and Twitter accounts, and Flyne presents the articles in a slick, easy to read mobile format to keep them easy on the eyes.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for a news reader that’s great even without an Internet connection, check out Flyne.

What’s it like? Other great reader apps include Flipboard and Pulse News.

Even Up ($0.99)

Even UpWhat’s it about? Inspired by Sudoku, Even Up is a puzzler in which players move numbered tiles around on a grid, matching them together in order to clear them out.

What’s cool? Puzzler Even Up presents players with a grid filled with numbered tiles that can be slid back and forth in horizontal or vertical rows. The goal is to match the numbers together – ones with ones, twos with twos, and so on. But the trick is in the order, because matching two ones creates a two, matching two twos creates a three, and so on. You’ll need to be strategic as you solve each of the game’s levels in order to make sure you can eliminate all but one of the tiles that will eventually pop up, not just the ones on the screen at the outset. Even Up includes 125 levels to work through and online leaderboards on which to compare your skills to other players.

Who’s it for? Fans of puzzle games, especially Sudoku, will want to challenge themselves in Even Up.

What’s it like? Get Super Sudoku and Sudoku Challenge HD for more great puzzles you can take with you anywhere.