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New Android apps worth downloading: Textfree with Voice Calling, First for Gamers, Neon Shadow

by Phil Hornshaw

Save a little money on texting and voice calls with today's first app worth downloading, Textfree with Voice Calling. The voice-over-Internet app uses your Wi-Fi or cellular connection to make calls and texts, and lets you receive calls for free. We've also got First for Gamers, a video gaming-centric community for chatting and forums. Finally, Neon Shadow is a cyberpunk first-person shooter with an old-school sensibility.

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Textfree with Voice Calling (Free)

Textfree with Voice CallingWhat’s it about? Text for free over your Internet connection with Textfree, and receive incoming calls at no charge as well.

What’s cool? Textfree looks to help users circumvent texting charges from their cellular carriers by utilizing the power of an Internet connection instead. The app lets you send text messages to more than 35 countries around the world using either a Wi-Fi or a cellular Internet connection, and also lets you accept calls in the same way over the Internet. You can make calls, too, but they cost, although it's possible to earn free minutes to put toward your outgoing conversations. Textfree also lets you send images to other cellular users, and includes free voicemail.

Who’s it for? If you could use a second line or an alternative to your phone cellular plans, check out what Textfree has to offer.

What’s it like? You can get more VoIP calling capabilities out of apps such as Skype and Viber.



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First for Gamers (Free)

First for GamersWhat’s it about? An online community geared toward video game fans, First for Gamers brings lots of chat options and community engagement capabilities to your Android device.

What’s cool? Tap into a community of other gamers to discuss the culture, industry and hobby of games with First for Gamers. The app lets you enter live chats with other users to talk about games and culture, and also lets you do things like share images and find and share YouTube videos. You can find rooms based on specific topics and save them to a list of “Favorites” and, First lets you shape the experience so that you only interact with people with whom you share interests.

Who’s it for? First is aimed squarely at the gamer community, so keep that in mind before downloading.

What’s it like? Access more community features from the Steam PC gaming platform using Steam Mobile, and you might also try GameOn, another forums app.


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Neon Shadow ($2.99)

Neon ShadowWhat’s it about? First-person shooter Neon Shadow is a fast-paced title inspired by classic shooters and carrying a cyberpunk look and theme.

What’s cool? Neon Shadow is an old-style run-and-gun first-person shooter in which players move fast, hit hard and have to circle-strafe all kinds of bad guys. Informed by a cyberpunk style of bright colors, gritty environments and futuristic dystopia, you'll battle robots and other enemies with a series of cool weapons. The game packs a single-player campaign for you to work through, as well as online multiplayer for deathmatches that works both over an Internet connection, and on your local Wi-Fi network.

Who’s it for? If you like old-school shooters in the vein of games like Doom Quake, but with cyberpunk influences, you'll want to grab Neon Shadow.

What’s it like? Other great multiplayer shooters include N.O.V.A. 3 and Shadowgun: Deadzone.