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New Android apps worth downloading: Facebook Home update, Switchr - Task Switcher, Call of Duty: Strike Team

by Phil Hornshaw

Get into your social networks a little deeper with the updated (and slowly improving) Facebook Home, today's first app worth downloading. New improvements bring users the ability to tap into more networks than just Facebook, like Flickr and Tumblr, to view photos on their lock screens, and brings more oiptions as to how deep you want Facebook to go. We've also got Switchr, an elegant app for quickly switching between apps, and Call of Duty: Strike Team, a first-person shooter in the super-popular video game series that adds some new tricks just for mobile players.

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Facebook Home update (Free)

Facebook HomeWhat’s it about? Bring your Facebook feeds to your device's home screen with Facebook Home, essentially making Facebook functionality available outside the Facebook app.

What’s cool? For avid users of Facebook, flipping between apps, keeping track of Push notifications and posting statuses is often an exercise in a lot of irritating user interface roadblocks. When you post a lot to Facebook, you need to use the Facebook app a lot – that's the thinking behind Facebook Home, which brings Facebook feeds and the ability to post status updates straight to your home screen, making all the features much easier and quicker to access. Stream updates are even presented on your lock screen, and you can use Facebook Home to access chats with friends and as an app launcher, as well. Its latest update brings the ability to use Home as either your lock screen or as both lock screen and app launcher (instead of defaulting to both), and also pipes in photos form other social media, like Flickr and Tumblr, to your lock screen.

Who’s it for? Facebook fans, you'll want to grab Home and check out its uses, as it keeps getting better with each update.

What’s it like? If Home isn't for you, the standard Facebook app is still a reliable way to connect with friends on the Internet.

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Switchr – Task Switcher (Free)

Switchr - Task SwitcherWhat’s it about? Switchr looks to bring elegant, simple design to allowing users to switch between tasks on their Android devices.

What’s cool? Designed to make switching between apps as easy and speedy as possible, Switchr brings a simple and elegant interface to Android users. Think of it as the “alt-tab” control, allowing for quick switching between apps and tasks using gesture-based controls. You can choose between two different styles of app-switching controls to find a method that's comfortable for you, and each contains quick methods for returning to the home screen or your most-used apps.

Who’s it for? Android users looking for an elegant way to make their devices more user-friendly and quick should check out Switchr.

What’s it like? Switchr also has a pro version you might be interested in, and you can get similar functionality out of Sidebar.

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Call of Duty: Strike Team ($6.99)

Call of Duty: Strike TeamWhat’s it about? Combining first-person shooting and tactical gameplay, Call of Duty: Strike Team brings players the fast-paced combat players love in the console version, plus more.

What’s cool? There's a certain degree to which Call of Duty: Strike Team is just like Call of Duty games on PCs and consoles like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Although it was created specifically for mobile, the game manages to nail the sort of face-paced first-person shooter combat players expect from the series. What's cool about Strike Team is that it also adds a tactical element to the game through a top-down strategy interface, allowing players to control their squad from a bird's-eye view by assigning orders, and then switching to a first-person view to get into the on-the-ground fighting. The result is a CoD game that's a little bit different from what its console counterparts have to offer.

Who’s it for? If you like strategy games, first-person shooters or the Call of Duty franchise, you'll want to check out this great mobile addition to the series.

What’s it like? You can get other solid shooter titles that are similar to Call of Duty out of Modern Combat 4 and Shadowgun.