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New Android apps worth downloading: Vine update, ModCloth, Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA

by Phil Hornshaw

An update to Vine marks to first of this week's apps worth downloading. The social video app is all about creating quick looping videos to be shared on Twitter, and the update brings new features to make editing even easier. We've also got an app for online retailer ModCloth, which allows you to quickly shop the site's online store and make purchases from your Android device. Finally, Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs. USA brings players into an alternate history strategy game, in which two superpowers are pit against each other in a Cold War that gets pretty hot.

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Vine update (Free)

VineWhat’s it about? Create quick, 12-second videos and share them on social networks using Vine.

What’s cool? Social video app Vine is all about sharing super-short videos – a total of 12 seconds in length, in fact. You can record and edit the videos in the Vine app, complete with video, and then share them as looping chunks on Twitter, making it easy to share all kinds of interesting things (or to create some cool experimental films). You can also browse through other vines, leave comments and like your favorites, too. Vine's new update makes it possible to save multiple video sessions, so you can return to them later, and adds new tools for rearranging your vine videos as you're making them.

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes sharing social video will want to check out the community growing up around Vine.

What’s it like? Make and share more vids with SocialCam and Keek.



Shop more online stores, thanks to these fantastic shopping apps.

ModCloth (Free)

ModClothWhat’s it about? Online retailer ModCloth brings users a quick and easy way to browse and make purchases with its new Android app.

What’s cool? ModCloth mostly specializes in clothes, and now with its Android app, it's easier than ever to cruise through the store's catalog, find things that interest you, purchase them and have them shipped straight to your house, no matter where you are when shopping. The app also includes the ability to share things you find on ModCloth with other users across social networks, mark items as favorites to return to later, and set up notifications about offers and early access to different products.

Who’s it for? Fans of ModCloth online and those looking for new shopping options should grab the ModCloth app.

What’s it like? Target and Zappos both offer more online shopping options for users.

If you crave epic war games, look into these strategy titles.

Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA ($2.99)

Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USAWhat’s it about? Alternate history strategy game Strategy & Tactics supposes a Cold War era that gets very hot, challenging players to battle for world domination.

What’s cool? Following the events of World War II and a fateful attack on Beijing, the Cold War between the USA and USSR has taken a turn, and it's up to players to take on the role of one of the superpowers and defeat the other. Players use their forces to take over countries and regions and push back the approaching enemy across two different campaigns, each with a different take on the alternate history the game creates. There are also three “scenario mode” maps to challenge yourself with, and you'll need to work on scientific and economic development alongside military strength in order to be successful.

Who’s it for? If you like strategy games, Strategy & Tactics offers lots of deep, strategy heavy gameplay and content.

What’s it like? Try Strategy & Tactics: WWII for more of the S&T series.