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New Android apps worth downloading: Aereo, YPlan, Rise to Fame

by Phil Hornshaw

Grab today's first app worth downloading and start streaming live TV to your Android devices. It's Aereo, a service that brings subscribers their local TV stations over the Internet to their Android devices. We've also got YPlan, an events planning app geared toward users or travelers in London and New York, which provides curated suggestions for great activities. In the games department comes Rise to Fame, a role-playing game in which you help a band try to become famous by winning over unruly crowds.

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Aereo (Free)

AereoWhat’s it about? Stream live TV to your Android devices using Aereo's cloud DVR service.

What’s cool? You can stream video from a number of services on the Internet using your Android device, but until Aereo came along, you couldn't stream live TV without being a subscriber to various cable services. Aereo, however, gives users access to their local TV channels across an Internet connection, along with the ability to perform DVR functions such as pausing, rewinding, and saving shows for later. Keep in mind that Aereo is still in beta, and so might have bugs and other issues, and that you'll need to pay a subscription fee in order to user the service.

Who’s it for? If you wish you could stream live TV to your Android devices wherever you are, grab Aereo.

What’s it like? You can also access programming with TWC TV and Xfinity TV.



YPlan (Free)

Rise to FameWhat’s it about? Find cool things to do in New York and London with curated lists of activities provided by YPlan.

What’s cool? YPlan is an app for helping you find awesome things to do. Filled with activities that come curated by the app's editors, YPlan brings you shows, events, and other things to do, and provides the ability for you to buy tickets and book the event from right within the app. You get lists of cool stuff to do every single night, and YPlan also provides special perks and discounts to its users, as well as a bonus if you recommend other users. Right now, the app is geared toward users in New York and London, so keep that in mind before downloading.

Who’s it for? Users in YPlan's target cities will find lots of cool suggestions of fun stuff to do.

What’s it like? Find more great suggestions for activities with Eventbrite and Bandsintown Concerts.


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Rise to Fame ($1.99)

Rise to FameWhat’s it about? Music-based role-playing game Rise to Fame has players controlling a band as it tries to rock the socks off an angry crowd.

What’s cool? Rise to Fame is a role-playing game with a lot of the tropes of that genre, but instead of fighting monsters with swords and spells, you need to do battle with unruly crowds by playing awesome music. Each of your band members has special abilities that you'll use at key moments to keep the crowd from booing, throwing bottles, and generally trying to ruin the show. Over time, you'll earn coins that you can use to buy better outfits for your band, which act as their armor, and better instruments, which take the place of weapons. Rise to Fame includes five different songs for your band to play, and 20 different skills to unlock for your band to utilize in their quest for fame.

Who’s it for? Fans of role-playing titles and rock-and-roll might want to give Rise of Fame's interesting take on RPG tropes a shot.

What’s it like? Other great (and more traditional) RPGs include Arcane Legends and Final Fantasy III.