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New Android apps worth downloading: Microsoft Remote Desktop, Time Surfer, Rabbids: Big Bang

by Phil Hornshaw

Get access to your desktop computer and your media, even when you're away from your desk this weekend, with Microsoft Remote Desktop, our first app worth downloading today. As you'd expect, it lets you access Windows using your Android device across an Internet connection. We've also got some games for your enjoyment this weekend: Time Surfer, an endless runner that gives you the ability to reverse time and fix your mistakes, and Rabbids: Big Bang, a physics game in which you'll fly around various galaxies with a jetpack.

Want to control desktops from your mobile device? Try these mobile desktop apps.

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free)

Microsoft Remote DesktopWhat’s it about? Access your Windows PC from your mobile device, and all the files and documents on it, using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

What’s cool? Needing something from your computer when you're away from it can be a big challenge, especially as more and more people take their work on the road with mobile devices. Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to use your Android device to remotely pull up your desktop, giving you the ability to search through for files and use other elements on your computer even when you're away. You can also stream video and sound from your computer to your device, making it easy to enjoy media files, as well.

Who’s it for? If you ever find yourself wishing you had your computer when you're away from it, try Microsoft Remote Desktop.

What’s it like? You'll get similar capabilities from Splashtop Remote Desktop and GoToMyPC.

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Time Surfer ($0.99)

Time SurferWhat’s it about? Escape the end of the universe in Time Surfer, an endless runner-style game in which players have to surf down slopes to pick up speed, then use ramps to fly through the air and make jumps.

What’s cool? The universe is exploding right behind you in Time Surfer, and your only hope is to surf slopes as fast as you can to escape. It's an endless runner game of the side-scrolling variety, where your momentum from the downward slopes of hills carries you up the upward slopes like ramps, launching you into the air to avoid obstacles and gaps. If you careen into something deadly, though, all is not lost – Time Surfer allows you a limited ability to reverse time and correct your mistakes, but you'll have to budget the ability to survive for as long as possible.

Who’s it for? Fans of runner titles will have a good time with Time Surfer's simple but challenging controls and structure.

What’s it like? Snag Ski Safari for a game that carries similar mechanics, and developer Kumobius' other title, Bean Quest, as well.

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Rabbids: Big Bang ($0.99)

Rabbids: Big BangWhat’s it about? Fling insane rabbids into space in physics game Rabbids: Big Bang, where you'll work to complete missions while flying around with a jetpack.

What’s cool? The rabbids are going to space in Rabbids: Big Bang, and it's your job to get them there and control them as they try to fly around planets and other celestial bodies. A physics game, Rabbids Big Bang gives players a rabbid of their very own to control and customize, and a jetpack that can help you fly about different systems and galaxies, collecting coins and completing various missions. Using forces like gravity to your advantage is key to your success, and the game includes 150 missions to complete, spread across 10 different galaxies.

Who’s it for? Fans of the wacky humor of the rabbids and their other games will get a kick out of Rabbids: Big Bang.

What’s it like? Check out Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars for two more games with spacey physics and challenges.