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New Android apps worth downloading: Earbits Radio, Level 22, Gravity Guy 2

by Phil Hornshaw

Music fans, our first fresh app of the day is just for you. The app is Earbits, and it's a streaming music service that focuses not on the newest Top 40 hits, but on independent artists looking for an audience. While you're listening, download a couple of great new games, as well: First is Level 22, a stealth game about sneaking into work when you're late by any means necessary. Finally, there's Gravity Guy 2, an endless runner in which you manipulate and protect your character by moving the floors beneath him.

Don't turn that dial! Check out these radio apps instead.

Earbits Radio (Free)

Earbits RadioWhat’s it about? Earbits is a music-streaming platform focused on independent artists, bringing curated playlists and more to music fans.

What’s cool? There are lots of music-streaming services out there now, but Earbits separates itself from the competition by focusing on independent and lesser-known artists and bringing curated playlists straight to its users. The app's focus is in helping bands find new listeners, so Earbits focuses on indie artists and can analyze the music in your device to recommend channels from more than 350 different genre offerings. You can also pay for your music streams with “Groovies” instead of money, which are earned by doing things like spreading the word about bands you find and enjoy across social networks.

Who’s it for? Music fans looking for streaming services that focus on lesser-known artists, youll want to see what Earbits has to offer.

What’s it like? If more popular music is your thing, you can stream plenty with Spotify and Pandora.



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Level 22 ($1.99)

Level 22What’s it about? Carefully sneak into work in Level 22, a top-down stealth game that has players using an office environment as cover to avoid getting in trouble for being late.

What’s cool? After an apparent night of drunken fun, Level 22's protagonist, Gary, has overslept for work. His job in jeopardy, he hurries to the office and has to sneak in to avoid getting caught for being late. Players take on the role of Gary and help him sneak through the office building, slipping past coworkers by dodging into closets, hiding behind objects, and generally avoiding everyone's gaze. You'll also have to use tools like donuts to lure security guards, or booby-trapped copiers to distract your coworkers in order to succeed.

Who’s it for? Fans of stealth and action games with a little wry humor will enjoy Level 22.

What’s it like? You'll find more fun stealth gameplay in Tiny Thief and SPY Mouse.

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Gravity Guy 2 (Free)

Gravity Guy 2What’s it about? Run through a deadly cloning facility in Gravity Guy 2, an endless runner that mixes up mechanics by making you control the floor, rather than a character.

What’s cool? The first Gravity Guy game saw players manipulating gravity in order to help the titular character avoid obstacles in an endless runner setting. Gravity Guy 2 has a similar premise and similar mechanics – and endless runner and a new mechanic that doesn't really involve controlling the character. Instead of making Gravity Guy jump or duck to avoid getting smashed, you actually control the facility around him, raising floors to catch him when he falls or elevating him to be able to jump from one platform to the next. As you play, you'll gather coins to unlock new outfits and characters.

Who’s it for? Fans of Gravity Guy and endless runners will enjoy Gravity Guy 2's take on the genre.

What’s it like? Check out the original Gravity Guy, as well as another slick runner title, Polara.