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New Android apps worth downloading: Skype update, Grepolis, The Impossible Line

by Phil Hornshaw

A tablet-centric update to Skype kicks off our list of fresh apps today, bringing a new tablet interface to the video calling app to allow users to make more voice, video and group calls over their Internet connections. We've also got some games for your approval. First is Grepolis, a massively multiplayer strategy game in which players create an empire based on ancient Greek mythology. Following that, The Impossible Line tasks players with drawing a line through maze-like puzzles, with the twist that the mazes disappear, requiring you to remember the solutions and finish them blind.

Skype update (Free)

SkypeWhat’s it about? Make voice and video calls or send text messages to other users over an Internet connection with your Android device.

What’s cool? As most Internet users are probably aware, Skype is an app for making free video calls over the Internet – but it has become a lot more than that over the years. Today, its Android version allows users to make video calls to one another across Wi-Fi or cellular data connections, and also supports voice and group calls, instant messaging, and even low-cost calls to phones domestically or internationally. Skype supports sending photos to other users, and you can record and send video messages as well. Skype's latest update adds a tablet layout and video improvements for better calls no matter what device you're using.

Who’s it for? Skype users on their computers and anyone looking for a solid VoIP call client will want to check out Skype.

What’s it like? Viber and Tango are two calling alternatives that also offer a range of useful features.

Grepolis (Free)

GrepolisWhat’s it about? Build an empire, raise armies and engage in strategic battles in Grepolis, a massively multiplayer strategy title.

What’s cool? Grepolis is a massively multiplayer online game (otherwise known as an MMO) in which you play a mighty emperor, tasked with defending your cities and conquering new ones. As you enter the ancient world of Grepolis, you'll start by building a city and using it to gather resources and raise an army that will allow you to expand your territory and defend against aggressors. Over time, you'll become more powerful, allowing you to square off against other players or create alliances that will let you get ahead in the world. You can also gain the favor of the gods to give you an edge in battle, and you'll need to research technologies to advance your civilization and keep from being attacked and conquered.

Who’s it for? Fans of strategy game and online, social play will find lots of both in Grepolis.

What’s it like? Check out Tribal Wars and Lords & Knights, two games that pack more strategic gameplay with other players.

The Impossible Line (Free)

The Impossible LineWhat’s it about? Puzzler The Impossible Line asks players to draw a line with their finger through a maze – but the maze and the obstacles within it disappear, requiring you to remember where you need to go.

What’s cool? The Impossible Line is a combination of a good, old-fashioned maze, and the game “Memory.” Each of the game's 200 levels presents players with a fairly simple maze and the task of drawing a line with their fingers through it to the goal. The trouble is, after a second, the maze disappears – forcing you to remember where you need to draw the line to avoid walls and successfully make it to your destination. The challenge increases over time, as The Impossible Line throws in obstacles that move and change, requiring you to pay attention to patterns and watch for clues as you move through each stage.

Who’s it for? Players who like simple puzzlers that are good for killing a few minutes, but still challenging, should try The Impossible Line.

What’s it like? More great puzzles await in Finger Physics and Where's My Water?.