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New Android apps worth downloading: The Washington Post, Agent - put your phone to work, Pinball Rocks HD

by Phil Hornshaw

Make sure you’re always up to speed with what’s going on in the world with today’s first app worth downloading, The Washington Post. The Android version of the newspaper now packs a layout geared at tablets, and provides not only news, but breaking news alerts, interactive elements and more. We’ve also got Agent, an app design to make your Android device more useful and more reliable by optimizing things like battery life and providing features like reading SMS messages aloud while you drive. Finally, there’s Pinball Rocks HD, a rock music-themed pinball game that packs songs and tables from bands like Slayer and AC/DC.

The Washington Post (Free)

The Washington PostWhat’s it about? The official app of The Washington Post brings the newspaper to your Android devices in digital form.

What’s cool? Like its web version or the app found on Apple’s iOS platform, The Washington Post for Android is basically the newspaper in a digital, app-based form. You can read the full newspaper on your Android devices with the app, as well as receive breaking news updates, read the newspaper’s blogs, and access multimedia features like videos and expanded graphics. The Washington Post also brings a tablet-specific interface version, and packs extra special features specific to phones and to tablets, bringing users additional weather info or comics strips to read.

Who’s it for? Readers who enjoy The Washington Post’s other forms and news junkies should check out the Android version.

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Agent – put your phone to work ($1.99)

Agent - put your phone to workWhat’s it about? Agent is an app that helps make your Android device work a little better, by saving battery, helping when you drive, and more.

What’s cool? Android phones are great for a huge number of functions, but Agent is designed to make them work a little better and a little more conveniently. The app works by providing useful features, like reducing the amount of power your phone uses, reading SMS messages aloud while you drive, keeping track of where you park and silencing your phone during important times like meetings that are marked on your device’s camera. Agent includes five different categories of features, and allows you to configure how it works to suit your needs.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking to make your Android device a little more useful and efficient, check out Agent.

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Pinball Rocks HD (Free)

Pinball Rocks HDWhat’s it about? Blast through lots of different virtual pinball tables with Pinball Rocks HD, with all of them featuring songs by popular rock bands.

What’s cool? Pinball Rocks HD is both a visual experience, and a musical one. The game provides tons of classic pinball action, digitized into app form that’s great for smartphones and tablets. The app packs pinball tables that are all about rock music and themed around different bands and songs, like Bullet for My Valentine, Alice in Chains, AC/DC and Slayer. The game comes with one free table that includes a number of playable “missions” to challenge your pinball skills, and you can grab more tables through in-app purchases. Pinball Rocks also packs rhythm-based mini-games, and an in-app store that lets you purchase any of the music you hear in the game to enjoy even when you’re not playing.

Who’s it for? Pinball wizards and rock fans will both find lots to like about Pinball Rocks HD.

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