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New Android apps worth downloading: Dietista-Personal Nutritionist, Boat Browser for Tablets, NFL Runner: Football Dash

by Andrew Koziara

If you’re looking for a one stop app for all of your nutritional information and diet planning needs, look no further than Dietista-Personal Nutritionist. It’s a comprehensive app and it’s here to help you achieve whatever health goal you may have. We’ve also got a new alternative web browser for tablets in Boat Browser for Tablets. Finally, if you want some more sport in your endless runner, you can check out NFL Runner: Football Dash.

Dietista-Personal Nutritionist (Free)

What’s it about? Build your own personal diet menu based on your health goals as if you were getting advice from a real dietitian.DietistaPersonalNutritionist1

What’s cool? In this internet age, there is a lot of conflicting information out there about what diets work, which ones don’t, and generally what’s really healthy or not. Seems like every year Milk switches from good to bad or back, and butter and margarine keep pulling ahead as the healthier cooking choice. It’s enough to want to give up and just eat a literal pile of Bic Macs. But Dietista is here to put a comprehensive health and diet plan together for you, whether you’re after weight loss, body building, or whatever, with lots of customization options and food ratings that teach the app which foods you prefer, all using the FDA database.

Who’s it for? People who want to be healthier inside and out through proper nutrition and diet.

What’s it like? Other diet apps include Fooducate and My Diet Coach.

Boat Browser for Tablets (Free)

What’s it about? One of the most popular alternative browsers for Android has finally got a tablet specific browser.BoatBrowserForTablet2

What’s cool? Boat Browser has always been an efficient and intelligent internet browser for your Android devices. The app allows you to sync your bookmarks with the normal version of Boat Browser and your Firefox account. There are twelve customizable gestures, up to one hundred speed dials to program, video and flash support, access to your ten most recently closed tabs, and the always important incognito mode. You’ll have to upgrade to the pro version to access every single feature, but even the free version comes packed with loads of good stuff.

Who’s it for? People who want an alternative web browser designed especially for tablets.

What’s it like? Dolphin Browser and the Dolphin Jetpack add on are the other great options.

NFL Runner: Football Dash (Free)

What’s it about? It’s a football themed runner, officially from the NFL, and a great simple alternative to the more simulation like sports games.NFLRunnerFootballDash1

What’s cool? This is another thing I love about the current mobile gaming climate. I have very little interest in sports and sports video games, but Google Play is full of sports games that break the mold. Instead of simulating the same kind of gameplay again and again, there are mini-games, fantasy spinoff, and so much more to enjoy. Like any other three lane runner, you’ll dodge obstacles on the field as you go, but first you get to customize your very own player and pick your own official team to play for. It’s not mind blowing, but if you like football and runners, this sounds like your bag.

Who’s it for? Sports fans who want to paint all of their other favorite genres with said sport.

What’s it like? Agent Dash and Despicable Me! Minion Rush are other lane based runners.