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New Android apps worth downloading: Learnist, Pocket Trains, Tyrant Unleashed

by Andrew Koziara

Learnist is a great new app that lets you surround yourself with media and information on a breadth of different topics. Pocket Trains is the latest from NimbleBit, and a follow up to the excellent Pocket Planes that improves on the formula and mechanics in various ways. Tyrant Unleashed is a huge collectible card strategy game from Kongregate, with a massive amount of content to sift through.

Learnist (Free)

What’s it about? It's basically a way to learn and inspire yourself to learn about a variety of topics in numerous ways.Learnist1

What’s cool? Basically, this is much like the magazine and customized news feed apps that most of us use, but the topics or 'LearnBoards' you subscribe too are all centered on learning about a specific topic or skill. In execution, it can feel more like a news app than a learning one, but when it works, it works well, giving you access to articles, videos, ebooks, blogs, surveys, podcasts an more, on topics like music, sports, education, etc. The app is a bit buggy, and the learning is very unstructured and might not get you the results you want, but it still offers a great wealth of information.

Who’s it for? People who want to freely explore different topics, without structured lesson plans and the like.

What’s it like? Another of my favorite apps for this is the Mobento video app. TED talks are always neat too.


Pocket Trains (Free)

What’s it about? A wonderfully charming new simulation game from the people who brought you Tiny Tower.

What’s cool? NimbleBit is back with a brand new simulation, after they took a brief break to give us  Nimble Quest. The focus this time around is trains, and they've learned a lot since their last outings toPocketTrains1 make this feel more engaging and less passive, as you build and manage a network of railroads, haul important cargo, and build loads of different train types, including some based in fantasy instead of reality. The same Bitizens of their previous worlds are back as usual, and everything is as good as you'd expect. If you aren't tired of these games already, grab it now.

Who’s it for? People who love charming and simple simulation games.

What’s it like? Pocket Planes from the same guys is the big one. You'll probably also Kairosoft sims like Game Dev Story.

Tyrant Unleashed (Free)

What’s it about? A new deck building, turn based strategy hybrid from Kongregate that lets you build your army and battle thousands online.

What’s cool? After not releasing something in ages, Kongregate gave us this game and Sheep Happens in the same month. Essentially, this is a card battling game with a few other strategy elements thrown intoTyrantUnleashed1 the mix. You can build decks of the five factions; Imperials, Raiders, Bloodthirsty, Righteous, and Xeno. Battling foes online nets you rare artifacts that let you power-up and unlock rarer cards. There's also a single player campaign to enjoy, with 5 huge maps and hundreds of missions. The game is pretty buggy at the moment, but it's still great overall.

Who’s it for? People who enjoy collectible card games with a bit more battling.

What’s it like? Plenty of card game hybrids are out there, though all pretty different. Kingdom Corps mashes with town building. Spellstorm mashes with strategy/role playing games.