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New Android apps worth downloading: Moves, Watch Travel Channel, Zombie Tsunami

by Andrew Koziara

Moves is a sleek and stylish new app for tracking your daily movement, helping you paint a picture of your general fitness habits. Watch Travel Channel is the official app of the Travel Channel, giving you access to all their programming and some exclusive features, provided you have a cable provider. Finally, Zombie Tsunami is one of the most wild and insane endless runners to come along in a while, and it’s pure fun.

Moves (Free)

What’s it about? A stylish new app for fitness and tracking your daily life and habits so you can make small but important changes.Moves1

What’s cool? The idea is to let you easily visualize just how much (or little) you actually walk and move around each day. By having the app on all day as you walk, run, or bike to work, lunch, etc, it’ll track your steps, speed, and plot your travelled path on a map. You can even program common destinations for it to remember. It’s much more than a simple pedometer, but it does still count your steps. The biggest concern with an app like this is batter life consumption, and the developers are well aware of that, always working and tweaking the app, trying to optimize battery use.

Who’s it for? People who want to see just how healthy their lifestyle is, or who want to make small habitual changes.

What’s it like? My Tracks is a very similar app. If you want to have some fun with your fitness though, get Zombies, Run!

Watch Travel Channel (Free)

What’s it about? The official app of the Travel Channel brings all those exotic locales and shows on the go with you.WatchTravelChannel1

What’s cool? Like many other TV channels in the age of touch devices, the Travel Channel has decided to put out an official app, letting people stream their favorite shows, view clips, and more. You can also subscribe to specific hosts, destinations, and interests, instead of just specific shows. The app will also remember your place if you have to stop watching something mid-episode. The catch is that, like HBO GO and others, you’ll need to sign in with a cable/satellite TV provider subscription to actually use the app to its fullest. Still, it’s a pretty solid app if you’re into travel.

Who’s it for? Fans of the Travel Channel. People who want to see the world through a screen.

What’s it like? Apps like Crackle also let you watch plenty of TV shows. Once this app inspires you to go somewhere, you can plan it out with KAYAK.

Zombie Tsunami (Free)

What’s it about? A great endless runner full of brain eating and horde building.

What’s cool? I know it’s hard to believe that a game about zombies and endless running, two of the most overused tropes in mobile gaming, is actually a great game, but it’s true. Starting out with one zombie,ZombieTsunami1 you’ll run into people and grow your horde. Certain obstacles full of juicy people, like cars, buses, grounded plains, etc, will require a certain horde size to break through if you want the people within. The larger your horde gets, the harder it is to keep them all alive through all the gaps and explosives. The power-ups are all the definition of crazy, and it’s great fun.

Who’s it for? People who still like endless runners and/or zombies.

What’s it like? Another zombie themed runner is Infectonator Hot Chase. You can also check out Jetpack Joyride.