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New Android apps worth downloading: Hotwire, Sheep Happens, Heroes of Loot

by Andrew Koziara

Do you want to go traveling and save a lot on hotels? Then you should check out the new Hotwire app! Do you want to see a sheep-infested ancient Greece and go on a running rampage through an arena? Then Sheep Happens is the game for you! Do you want to delve down into deep dark dungeons full of horrible monsters with a high chance of perma-death? No? Either way, you should check out Heroes of Loot!

Hotwire (Free)

What’s it about? You can book hotel rooms at massive discounts, even at the very last minute, with an app like this one.

What’s cool? The official new Hotwire app on Google Play lets you find and book a hotel for the night within seconds. Hotels with unsold rooms in the later evening use services like Hotwire to sell out, because even a hugely discounted room is better than a vacancy. We're talking up to sixty percent savings on thousands of hotels in forty thousand cities around the world. You can't book flights or rental cars with the app, but in terms of booking a hotel it's as good as any other option. You can even tap a button to call an expert 24 hours a day.

Who’s it for? Travelers, tourists, people who forget to make reservations before hitting the road.

What’s it like? For the car rental side of things, there's CarRentals. For more hotel booking options, see KAYAK and Hotel Tonight.

Sheep Happens (Free)

What’s it about? An apocalyptic new endless runner that takes place during the first Greek olympics. Also there are sheep.

What’s cool? After being given the shoes of a deceitful Hermes, you can't seem to stop yourself from running forwards. With tons of obstacles in your way, you have to jump and glide through the arena, judging what kind of jump to do each time. In terms of a set-up for an endless runner, this is among the most clever and amusing yet. The arena is thrown into total hilarity and chaos, as the hundreds upon hundreds of sheep get in your way and are sent flying all over the place. With a great art style and plenty of upgrades to unlock, this is one of the better runners in recent memory.

Who’s it for? Fans of runners, Greek mythology, and apocalypses. Wool enthusiasts.

What’s it like? Jetpack Joyride. Totem Runner. Most other sidescrolling runners around.

Heroes of Loot ($1.99)

What’s it about? A top-down, action heavy, twin stick shooter roguelike from OrangePixel games.

What’s cool? OrangePixel is generally one of the best developers around when it comes to modern gaming experiences grounded in retro styles and aesthetics. Heroes of Loot is there most ambitious title to date, cashing in on the recent resurgence of rougelikes as a popular genre. Taking one of four classic classes into a series of randomized dungeons, you'll mow down loads of monsters with magic and iron, complete quests, and get that phat loot. With plenty of secret areas and the looming threat of death, this one shouldn't be skipped. There's a free version to try too.

Who’s it for? People who like retro games with more modern mechanics and twists. Masochistic roguelike fans.

What’s it like? Gunslugs is a fun game from the same guys. Pocket RPG brings more fantasy goodness.